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Paul Immigrations Reviews: The Guide to Singapore PR Application

From the time of my parents to my peers and now their children, Singapore has always been seen as the land of opportunity, with many flocking to the island for a better life. It is not just getting a job there now; many are looking to become a Singapore PR (Permanent Resident) to gain benefits that are not available to non-citizens.
What are the benefits of being a Singapore PR?
The list is long but here are some key benefits:
  • Work opportunities - The clear benefit that attracts foreigners. There are ample employment opportunities and better-quality jobs with tantalising salaries.
  • Employment security - As a non-citizen, leaving your job on the island means you will lose your work permit and you cannot stay there continuously. It is different for PRs who can switch professions without worrying about this.
  • Family - While most non-citizens leave their family behind in their home countries to earn here, being a PR means you can be with your family.
  • Improved lifestyle - Your family will also have access to world-class healthcare and top-notch education for your children. Housing is subsidised as one of the property ownership perks.
  • Tax reliefs & CPF benefits - Employers have to provide Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for staff with PR status.
  • Low crime rate - Safety and security is definitely one of the key factors in choosing a permanent place to reside.
  • Excellent connectivity - The island's exceptional infrastructure and public transportation network within the country is so convenient while the award-winning Changi Airport boasts convenient connection with the rest of the world.
  • Singapore citizenship - The ultimate goal here is to attain citizenship at the end and this is your stepping stone.
Do the above sound appealing? If you're looking for a better life for you and your family, obtaining a PR status in Singapore will secure your future.
Not sure what to do or even where to start? I would actually recommend contacting a professional immigration consultancy firm to expedite the process and increase your chances of success. One example is Paul Immigrations - they are based in Singapore and specialise in Singapore immigration applications, helping over 15,000+ satisfied clients since 2016!

Paul Immigrations Reviews: What Can They Do For You?

It's not just 'helping to fill paperwork'. The specialists will offer applicants key insights, arrange all needful forms, prepare additional documents and design personalised cover letters. They basically guide you from the start till end of the entire process to minimise fuss & time wastage.

They've been able to maintain a high success rate with their policy knowledge & professional case management as well as providing each applicant a strong complete documents package. For special cases, they also have a strategic approach in handling complex issues.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Why Not Just Do It Yourself?

For your information, they have clients who got their PR approved fuss-free within a short period of time which is a very good scenario so imagine if you are doing it all by yourself without professional help! How many months or years will that take?

There is a lot of paperwork to be handed in and uploaded on the e-Service portal within a short amount of time. It is worse when you're not familiar with the whole process, possibly having to redo certain things. Incomplete applications, invalid submissions and missing paperwork are very common. After all that work, it is even possible that you do not even fulfil the minimum criteria required by ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) or get rejected without a clear reason.

Before application, the consultancy will first conduct a telephone interview to ensure you pass ICA's criteria to evaluate your PR eligibility:
  • Type of work pass (S-Pass, EntrePass, EP or PEP)
  • Age - The country's ageing population means they prefer applicants below the age of 50.
  • Education level & type - With an increasing number of people applying, obviously they only want the best of the best right now. Good academic qualifications from reputable institutions will earn you brownie points.
  • Financial stability - This covers gross income and spending power.
  • Professional experience and subject-matter expertise - There is a preference for skills or expertise currently in demand in the market such as the R&D, biomedicine, healthcare and finance industry.
  • Kinship - Your chances are better if you already have family or relatives here.
Many may attempt to apply for Singapore PR on their own and fail multiple times before turning to a consultancy firm. Did you know that ICA takes between four to six months to evaluate each application If you are rejected, you will have to wait 6 months to repeat the whole process and apply again. By then you would have wasted your precious time and money which could have been used to build your new life.

Paul Immigrations Reviews: How to Improve Your PR Application Success Rate?

Getting all the necessary paperwork and documents is a prerequisite. But what makes your application stand out to increase your chances of getting approved? Remember, you will be fighting against thousands of applicants from all over the world for this coveted spot.
From the firm's expertise, years of experience and comprehensive knowledge, they have designed a few methods that will increase your chances of success:
  • Prepare extra documents that detail what you can do, your best qualities and how you can contribute to the country as a PR and later, citizen.
  • They don't just base it on what you say you can do. A glowing letter of recommendation from your previous employer(s) to backup your claims will greatly increase your success rate as well. After all, a testimonial from a 3rd party is more reliable and trustworthy.
  • Just like when you're applying for a job, you need something that will give the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority a good first impression to make your application stand out from the rest even before they review your details. This is done with a personalised cover letter. The company's professional writer team will create a custom letter based on the applicant's details and strengths.
Are you contacting a professional immigration consultancy firm in SG? Contact Paul Immigrations to learn more.

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