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[Lifestyle] 5 Ways to Improve Breakfast

My regular breakfast consists of a cup of coffee and a pack of nasi lemak with sambal sotong. After several weeks of that, I began feeling like this diet of mine would eventually kill me and I needed a change. It's only been 2 weeks but I hope I can continue this for much longer =D

#1 Start small and go slowly
If you immediately change your entire diet, it will backfire as you experience cravings and it feels like a punishment. I only bring breakfast from home about 3 times a week and the rest are normal. Don't overdo it especially when you're just starting.

#2 Overnight Oats are super easy and fast
Here's a healthy breakfast you can whip up in minutes the night before! With all the sotong I eat, my body will definitely appreciate the oats. I used to chug oats everyday and it was grossing me out but I found a way to make it enjoyable.

I see many overnight oat recipes online but I like keeping it simple. Just pour your oats, milk and fruit into a jar then chuck it into the fridge overnight. You don't even need to cook the oats as it will soak up the milk and soften. I don't add maple syrup or honey as I feel it's unnecessary sugar. Just pick sweet fruits to go with it!

My favourite fruits to go with oats are banana, blueberries and strawberries. These are naturally sweet and just perfect. I would recommend adding the bananas in the morning though as they turn brown quick.

#3 Salads that don't need cooking
LOL For someone who can't cook, salad and eggs are awesome! My salad is basically chopped up raw veges but you can add nuts, chickpeas, tuna, olives or pasta. The combination of veges are totally based on your preference. I just take whatever that's available and fresh at my local market.

#4 Leftover salad becomes juice
It's hard to buy groceries for one and I usually have leftover. I can't exactly be eating the same veges for the whole week so... I mix it up by chucking everything into a blender LOL Somehow this works and tricks my mind into thinking I'm having a treat even though the contents are the same.

#5 Replacing coffee with mAi Dark Mocha
"Omg why are you still drinking coffee?!"
Remember I'm taking it slowly.. Coffee is part of my life! Replacing it with mAi Dark Mocha still satisfies my cravings but helps me control my diet at the same time.

It has a total of 8 benefits - regulating appetite, improving basal metabolic rate, burning the stubborn fat, increasing body muscle mass, elevating body energy, preventing fat reformation, targeting lower body especially abdominal area and zero by-effects on human body.

Don't expect them all to happen together though. Since I only had supply for 10 days, I guess I would only experience the effects of the first week - reduced body swelling and elevated body metabolism.

Even though I've only made small changes, I'm glad to report that I'm happy with my breakfast plan and my tummy has gotten flatter! The mAi Dark Mocha prevents me from overeating as it controls my appetite. It's important to note that this is not a meal replacement so make sure you still eat proper food!


** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Great to know that you are starting eating clean. It's a long and tedious journey, but it's sure worth it. All the best, babe!

  2. love to eat breakfast. its must have in the morning. wow got this mocha, no try yet.

  3. I always believe consuming coffee with appropriate amount is the best. Not only taste great but also good for our health

  4. what an awesome breakfast idea.. loving this and will try those overnight oats thingie... thanks

  5. omg..i really need this! getting so fat nowadays..always breakfast with non healthy food..huhu..thanks!

  6. So many ideas for a wonderful breakfast, now no more excuses to skip it :)

  7. i love overnight oats too :D easy pessy to prepare

  8. have always thought of making overnight oats, but never got to actually doing it. Ahhh, my CNY resolution then :)

  9. I love overnight oats and had that quite often as my daily breakfast. Plus coffee is a must to kick start my engine.

  10. I always skip breakfast but dont have any ideas to change my habit. Thanks for your tips... gonna try it and stay healthy.

  11. nice tips! as i am getting 'older', my body metabolism decreased a lot. this hopefully can help me as well. thank u :)

  12. Appreciate your tips. Every morning wondering what to prepare for my breakfast is quite hassle. Keep the post coming.


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