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Three Little Birds Cafe @ Sentul, KL

Coffee, beautiful environment and good friends right here in Kuala Lumpur at Three Little Birds cafe.

Three Little Birds Coffee

The concept at Three Little Birds is hipster-ish with unique triangular stools/tables. There is a long table in the middle, several square ones and L-shaped ones attached to the wall (you will see that these are rather lonely). There are also tables situated outside.

Interior of Three Little Birds Coffee at Sentul, KL

Actually this photo turned out quite bad so B&W it is!

Three Little Birds Coffee D7

Bar top table at Three Little Birds Coffee at Sentul, KL

Three Little Birds Coffee at D7 Sentul

And let me just tell you.. The view at D7 is spectacular! It's very zen with pebbled waters, wooden planks and greens. Greens everywhere.

Garden at D7 Sentul KL

As part of the D7 building, they installed these sunken seats, which we thought really looked like an outdoor sauna xD Gosh.. imagine steam coming out as you have your morning coffee.

Sunken seats at D7 Sentul KL

Green garden outside Three Little Birds Sentul

As much as we wanted to sit in the 'sauna', this outdoor picnic table was more appropriate for the four of us. It was relaxing to be surrounded by lush greens and sipping coffee with the calming absence of noise.

Picnic table at Sentul D7

Take a shot from any angle and it'll probably look great. Really.

Coffee at Three Little Birds Coffee, Sentul KL

The Divine Tree #insidejoke actually it's just this tree smack right in the middle of short plants.

Environment at Three Little Birds Coffee at Sentul, KL

We were there slightly before 9am so they only had the breakfast menu available.

Three Little Birds Coffee breakfast menu

Mocha (Dark or Dulcey)

I ordered something which I do not find very often - mocha using white chocolate! I often associate white chocolate to a sickening sweetness but the Dulcey Mocha was not too sweet with a mild taste of coffee, albeit stronger than a latte. I expected the Dark Mocha to have a strong chocolatey taste (which I'm so accustomed to) but it was merely a slightly-bitter version of the Dulcey Mocha. That being said, this mocha is for coffee-lovers, not chocolate-lovers. If you're the latter, you'll be happy to know that they do serve hot chocolate.
Price : RM 13

Dark and Dulcey Mocha from Three Little Birds Coffee

Egg Mayo Croissant

It looks a bit sad here but rest assured that this is not your usual dry egg sandwich! The creamy egg mayo complimented the crunchy croissant well and tasted quite lovely.
Price : RM 10

Red Latte

As for this glass.. I can only say it's like a fancy teh tarik with less sugar. And it gives you an orange moustache.
Price : RM 11

Egg Mayo Croissant and Red Latte from Three Little Birds Coffee

Three Little Birds Coffee Egg Mayo Croissant

Smoked Salmon Croissant

Each bite into the toasty croissant revealed the aromatic smokey flavour of the succulent slices of salmon. It had a good balance of salt and flavour, making it just right.
Price : RM 12

Smoked Salmon Croissant from Three Little Birds Coffee

Nutella Bao with Coconut Affogato

This item is only available during the weekend. The platter consists of 2 steamed nutella baos and a scoop of coconut ice cream accompanied by bitter affogato. Laden with flavour, it can be heavy but the portion is small enough to be eaten alone.

Nutella Bao with Coconut Affogato from Three Little Birds Coffee

Each bao is stuffed full of rich chocolate paste although it didn't seem to carry the famous nutty flavour of Nutella. Make sure you eat them hot so they're still fluffy!

Nutella Bao from Three Little Birds Coffee


Cheesy. So cheesy. And the chocolate. Mmmm.. 'Nuf said.
Price : RM 10

Three Little Birds Coffee cheesecake

Mini Chocolate Cubes

I'm just gonna call these the mini chocolate cubes, each with a different flavour. The chocolate itself was just yums

Caramel - This was really hard! It was a combination of chocolate and caramel. Towards the bottom, you will also find the familiar taste of coconut. Peculiar but yummy.
Grasshopper - Gross name but omg so good! Mint and chocolate can never go wrong. Delightful treat on warm days with its minty cool core.
Java - Orange and chocolate. Another popular pair. Not bad but I would go for the mint over this.
Ladybug - A layer of sweet raspberry sandwiched between chocolate. The berry taste was strong enough to be tasted even through the chocolate.
Price : RM 2 each

Three Little Birds Coffee mini chocolate cubes

I'm just gonna assure you right now that Three Little Birds Coffee is very Instagram/Tumblr friendly. Everything just automatically looks 10x prettier!

Food at Three Little Birds Coffee Sentul, KL

Taking photos at Three Little Birds Coffee Sentul, KL

Photography at Three Little Birds Coffee Sentul, KL

Our faces as we sipped our divine drinks.

Three Little Birds Coffee review

Until I mentioned that Senri (right) looked like she was eating taufufa at a roadside stall while squatting on the road LOL Which lead to Elie doing this.. Why do I have friends like this?

Elie at Three Little Birds Coffee D7 Sentul

But okay lar.. She's ladylike sometimes. Sometimes. Not always.

Three Little Birds Coffee D7 Sentul

Overall, this place is okay.

Breakfast at Three Little Birds Coffee

Many people have mentioned their 'wet cement' floor which honestly does look wet with its extremely shiny surface.

Cement floor at Three Little Birds Coffee

I'm amazed to find that the place is open by 8am!

Monday to Thursday, 8am - 11pm
Friday & Saturday, 8am - 12 midnight
Sunday, 9am - 10pm

Operating hours at Three Little Birds Coffee D7 Sentul

Three Little Birds Coffee food recommendations

Address : D7, Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur
* In Waze, search for Three Little Birds Coffee and select the one that says Kuala Lumpur, not Jalan Sentul.


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  2. Do they have another branch at desa park city? btw the food and drinks look so yummy, you're making me hungry!

    1. Yeah! The other branch is at Desa Park City =D You should try it

  3. thank you for dropping by on my new blog.
    i love cafe hopping to try out new coffee and cake.
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