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Prawning at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

During the Raya break, we decided to go for some prawning. We usually go to a place in Klang but this place is much nearer in PJ. It's also less sunny, cleaner and more comfortable.

Tropicana Ebi Fishing

The only downside would be the size of the man-made pond which you can see here. If it's crowded, it gets competitive. However, sometimes prawning really depends on luck. You could keep getting prawns while the person right next to you gets nothing for hours =x

Prawning is relatively easy compared to fishing so even children can join in. When you see the rod bending a little, give it a soft tug with your wrist and fight with the prawn for a few seconds before lifting it out of the water.

Pond at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

"Prawn oh prawn.. Where are you?"

Prawn fishing at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

We got a handful of prawns then this big guy came up! As jackpots, several lobsters have been thrown into the pond. FYI, you have to pay an additional RM 40 for the lobster. He won't tell you until you're leaving.

Lobster at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

RM 40 so take photos yea..

Andrew and lobster at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Louis with lobster from Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Next to the pond is a picnic area with BBQ pits. There is also a steamboat area. The pits are usually RM 45 inclusive of charcoal but we used it for free that day.

Picnic area at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

The men got to work while I.. lepak-ed around taking photos LOL

Tropicana Ebi Fishing owner poking lobster

Preparing food for barbecue at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Prawns and lobster on BBQ pit at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Cooking seafood on BBQ pit at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

We were informed that there's a Jaya Grocer down the road so we got some oyster mushrooms, corn, brinjals, bacon strips and meat from the butcher. Tropicana Ebi Fishing has salt, BBQ sauce and spices ready for you to cook.

BBQ brinjal and corn at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Cooking seafood with salt at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Tropicana Ebi Fishing BBQ pit

Turned out not too shabby.. Except some of them were too salty and burnt as the fire was unpredictable xD

BBQ brinjals and mushroom

Prawns and lobster cooked with salt and oregano

Bacon and pork strips cooked on BBQ pit

Night time at Tropicana Ebi Fishing

Tropicana Ebi Fishing opening hours

They charge RM 18/hour and provide free rods as well as nets. Baits (earthworm) are available at RM 10 which is probably usable for 3 rounds of 2/3 people.

Address: Lot 27, Kawasan Landskap & Nursery Jalan Tropicana Selatan, 47301 Petaling Jaya
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  1. very interesting. fishing your own prawn and then bbqing!

    1. Yeah! It's a nice hobby to pass time with. Just gotta have the patience haha

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