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Capitol Satay Celup, Melaka

The previous time I was in Melaka, I had the other famous Melaka satay celup, Ban Lee Hiang, because Capitol's queue was already 3 shops long. Yes, we count the queue by the number of shops. Because that's how crazy they get. This time, we arrived slightly before 4pm so we just stood around waiting for them to open.

It's a small lil shop with about 9 tables so that explains the queue..

Unlike Ban Lee Hiang (where they reuse the sauce), each customer gets a fresh pot of sauce which will then be mixed with gula Melaka, spices and peanut. The concoction results in an aromatic spicy peanut sauce which you will use to dip everything in.

As plain as they are, these bread pieces go amazingly well with the sauce! Dip them in for about 3-5 seconds until they are soft and coated in the sauce. Heavenly..

Grab whatever you want from the fridge! The sticks are at a standard price of RM 1 while those on plates are priced differently. I found the selection to be poor or unappetizing. Not a single mushroom? =(

Next, drop them into the boiling sauce! Try to group similar ones together that cook for about the same time. Or else the softer ones will slide off the stick if they are boiled for too long. Also, once they're in the sauce, you can't see what they are until you take them out xD

Each customer also gets a serving of the special food which aren't available at the fridge. These include squid tentacles, prawns, abalone slices and yummy scallop.

Quite a mess eh? =x Satay celup is one of those must-try experiences if you go to Melaka just for the sake of it. Probably wouldn't return for a second visit though.

Address : 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka, Melaka.

Phone number : 06-2835508
Operating hours : 4 pm onwards
GPS : N2 11.710 E102 15.137

Tip: Park around the corner for a flat rate of RM 3


  1. since I cannot eat there I have always been wondering what is so special about Capitol. been staying in Melaka since the year 2000 and only now I know what is it inside and the dining experience. thanks for sharing your story babe! my friends from outside of Melaka told me repeatedly that they just cannot brain on why people can queue that long come rain or shine just to eat at Capitol XD

  2. Hi,
    Does it really work eliminating black heads?
    ~Pauline @

  3. wow nice. been missing satay celup madly. RM1 per stick is cheap right?

    1. That depends on what you take LOL Some are meat while some are vege.. But I think the price has increased now

  4. Hi Isabel! In your opinion, which is better, Ban Lee Hiang or Capitol? Thanks!

    1. I would actually prefer Ban Lee Hiang! Wayyy more tables, shorter wait, more variety and I believe it was cheaper. However, the fact that they don't change the sauce is kinda disturbing.


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