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[Food] Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Kimchi fried rice is one of my favourite lunches which I bring to work or have on relaxing weekends. It's super easy to cook and fast too since most of the ingredients are ready.


  1. Rice
  2. Eggs
  3. Kimchi
  4. Meat - bacon, sausage or spam is very convenient
  5. Chilli Paste (Gochujang) but I'm using Kimchi Base because that's all I have


  1. Cut kimchi into bite size pieces and cook slightly
  2. Add cooked meat or cook it before adding kimchi
  3. Add the rice, kimchi juice and chilli paste. Stir until even.
  4. Make a hole to add the egg. Make sure you don't pour the egg on the rice or else it will become soggy. Stir constantly and mix with rice.
  5. Transfer into bowl and add topping of your choice. I chose MORE KIMCHI!


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Never thought about frying rice with kimchi! Can try it tomorrow as I am free on Sunday.

  2. sound easy to make. i love eat kimchi always go buy to keep fridge then eat with rice.

  3. This looks easy to make, thanks for sharing. Will try this recipe soon :)

  4. this is such a no brainer but I did not even think of it... will definitely give it a try... thanks

  5. I love kimchi, have not tried making my own fried rice, thanks for the recipe. Will try it out.

  6. Waa thank you for the recipe! Look so simple and I would love to try it :D

  7. I love kimchi! Would try this recipe. thanks a lot

  8. I going to try this recipe on weekend. Yum.. Yum

  9. omo omo!! Definitely need to learn this up, I really love kimchi, how about recipe for kimchi soup? hehe


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