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Get Hands-On and Help Others as a Nurse Practitioner

We’ve covered a lot of ways you can improve the lives of others – and of course your own life in the process. There are a lot of movements and jobs to take advantage of that give you the opportunity to touch other people’s lives and help them form a better future. There are even professions that allow you to be on the leading edge of social change. The most rewarding job of them all, however, is a job in nursing.

The demand for nursing professionals has been on the rise since the Affordable Care Act was first introduced. This new piece of regulation has really changed our healthcare landscape. According to studies complied by Bradley University and its Doctor of Nurse Practitioner programs, there are more DNP positions available than ever before. The fact that DNPs are more cost-efficient than doctors also means hospitals and medical institutions are hiring more nurse practitioners to support their expansions.

You can learn more about how you can get hands-on and help others as a nurse practitioner from the full infographic, Nurse Practitioners: Improving Quality of Care and Saving Costs by Bradley University.

Nurse Practitioners Improving Quality of Care and Saving Costs

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