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[Shopping] My Favourite Online Shopping Places

Notice how I didn't say 'websites' because I shop everywhere! LOL Below are some of my favourite places to shop:

Fashion - Instagram

Quite possibly one of my favourites because there are so many visuals! I even created a separate Instagram account to follow my favourite Instashops LOL!! You can get really good deals but many of them are pre-order shops while I prefer ready stocks.
These 2 dresses are from my recent purchase from @babydollboutiquee which were RM 25 each only. I saw this blue one selling for RM 45 elsewhere so think I got myself a good deal!

For beauty - Hermo & Althea

I make sure I check the prices on both sites to get the best deal. Hermo is sometimes cheaper but Althea has awesome deals too. Make sure you use these Hermo coupons for beauty shopping for maximum savings kekeke...

Cooking tools & for fun items - Shopee

Loving how I can shop even on my phone HAHA! There are tonnes of categories in Shopee and many of them are super cheap too. I will usually browse through tens of vendors to find the cheapest product and lookout for free shipping offers. You can share purchases with your friends and colleagues to qualify for free shipping as well.

Other products - Lazada

For non-beauty or fashion items, Lazada is the place I will go to. There are a wide array of items and as usual I will use a Lazada Malaysia Voucher if possible to cut down the price even further.

Are any of these also your favourite? Share where YOU get the best shopping deals =D


  1. yes, i love shopping and i go through few webs too

  2. I love online shopping too. Tried a number of store listed. Love them.

  3. How is the magic pole eyeliner? is it good? I am seriously shopping around for a good eyeliner I can become loyal to. Haven't found anything yet.

  4. I love to shop at Althea also, usually I hunt for the sales or the new items where they give discounts.

  5. I surely love to shop on Althea, and also on Instagram... there is just so much to see and discover....

  6. Love all those sites too! browsing online gives you a great outlook on whats in the market today..

  7. I too shop everywhere but I haven't shopped via Instagram yet. I don't wish to start or I will get more broke.

  8. thanks for the site listing. very helpful. <3

  9. Your dress looks great on you and the price attracts me too. Will check the shopping deals out.

  10. Althea and Hermo is my favorite platform too! But I usually shop my clothes from taobao xP

  11. It's great to have this list.. So many online shopping shop nowadays.. Really need to choose wisely where to shop to get the best deal..

  12. It's great to have this list.. So many online shopping shop nowadays.. Really need to choose wisely where to shop to get the best deal..

  13. These are all my favorites online shopping place too!! I am obsessed with Taobao and some Taiwan website too =D

  14. As a mom, I love to shop for baby and mommy stuff at :)


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