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[Food] Little Fat Duck @ Tropicana City Mall

Spotted this hipster-like place on the lower ground floor of Tropicana City Mall. It was rather small and self service. The counter and kitchen is next door. The seating area accommodates 6 tables and it can get a little tight but I loved the brick wall design! Despite its name, it actually does NOT serve duck.

Funny how they called themselves express gourmet haha! They serve gourmet food minus the fancy garnishing, oversized plates and tiny portions.

Honestly I had a hard time picking my pasta even though there were only 4 choices! They all sounded so good.

Nice boxes! I guess you can easily takeaway these boxes if the place is full.

I ordered spaghetti bolognaise (typical me). They had 2 versions - chicken and beef but I chose the latter PLUS an upsize. So glad I did because the portion turned out to be too small for me. I can probably have 2-3 boxes of this LOL At RM 6 per box, before the up size, I guess I can't really complain about the portion. I was very happy that they provided lots of sauce and you can see that the sauce is chocked full of ingredients instead of being watery. I especially loved the strong capsicum taste which had me slurping non stop! I wouldn't mind having the pasta again.

Le Bf ordered the Grilled Fish which was priced at RM 13. For the price, the portion is not bad eh? The box was almost full with 4 big chunks of fish resting on top of mashed potato. The flesh of the fish was very soft and flavourful and it was swimming in sauce. In my opinion, you either love or hate the sauce. Le Bf found it strange but I thought it wasn't too bad.. In the end we paired it with the bolognaise sauce because it was THAT good!

The mashed potato (RM 3) was very yummy! Of course, I wouldn't compare it to the expensive mashed potatoes out there where you can actually bite into chunks of potato. For the price, I can't complain. It was fluffy and smooth enough. To wash down our food, we shared a cup of iced lemon tea which I immediately regretted upon collecting it. It's a small cup so do get your own drink instead of sharing haha The taste is not too bad and wasn't too sweet.

Locations: 1 Utama, Tropicana City Mall & SS15


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