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[Fashion] Prism Dress from Megafash

You've probably seen this prism design everywhere! From jumpsuits to tops to skirts and dresses.

*jumps on bandwagon*

I got my prism dress from Megafash~

And if you noticed, I chopped off my blonde hair! I haven't gone this short & black since primary school x_x

Still trying to get the hang of taking outfit photos #awkward
All pics by my mom again teehee~

Comes with zipper on the back so it's really easy to wear.

White apparel are rare in my wardrobe because they're usually sheer and reveal everything inside. I was surprised to find that this dress was really thick and has a lining as well. The quality is truly superb.

Clutch-sling bag from Aldo~ I won this in a Bluinc contest =D

Shimmery grey jelly shoes~

And here is a discount code for my readers~ ^_^ Gotta check out their Dresses under 15 section - there were some pretty affordable pieces there.


* Minimum order 20SGD



** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Wah nice! Can't believe you won that clutch! :o

    1. You should check them out! Many of the magazine websites have contests like this =D

  2. Hi,

    The details and print of the dress is super pretty leh! haha


  3. I have the same love hate relationship with white pieces. They are pretty and easier to match but can be troublesome to wear because of it's sheerness. Anyw, that dress is pretty!

    1. IKR.. Especially when buying online. You can't see if it's sheer or not


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