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[Review] Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy Spa Indulgence Set

Here's a little sleep booster to help you relax at night. I absolute love love LOVE the scent! Luxury Ayurveda not only smells and feels great, it heals your skin and body at the same time.

Teehee.. A little gift for myself.

This is only the gift set so they're smaller than usual but the size is perfect for traveling with, no?

The pouch it comes with is so pretty too!

I love bath times because it washes away the day's stress. What better way than to indulge myself in some home-spa? Because obviously I can't be heading to a spa everyday.

P.S. My bathroom smells amazing everyday now.

I have only recently discovered the magic of this bath sponge ball thingy. Omg! I love it! You use less product and it exfoliates your skin. Spa Ceylon is not as cheap as drugstore brands so I appreciate the sponge ball hahahah

After showering, I pat my skin with this oil. It's great to massage with too. They recommend using a burner to warm the oil but really? Ain't nobody got time for that. So just warm with my palms lah.

And no, putting oil on your skin doesn't feel icky. After you've massaged it in, your skin will look better.

Spa Ceylon Sleep Therapy Hydrating Butter - smells just like the rest and hydrates well without leaving a greasy layer.

As for the Pillow & Body Mist, I spritz a tiny bit on my hair tips so I can bring the scent with me xD

If you're into a greener life or you simply want to pamper yourself, Spa Ceylon is at Nu Sentral. There are plenty of testers for you to sniff. I promise you will not be disappointed =D

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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