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Brunch @ Wondermama, Bangsar Village

Great to catch up with Rantau PR and Rakuten Malaysia (something exciting is coming!) over brunch at Wondermama =D

Outfit of the day outside Wondermama

- Peach Peplum Top from Hook Clothing
- Pink Sneakers from Red Eye, 1 Utama
Photo by Elie

I don't normally wear shoes that cover the heel/ankle because most shoes hurt my feet. I don't know if my skin is extra thin or what but I often get blisters and cuts after a mere 10 minutes. However, I gave these a shot and NO REGRETS! The moment I tried them on, I knew I loved them. The back is way softer than other brands and don't cut into my ankle at all. Even the girl next to me was like "oh my god.. so comfortable!" #truestory

Pink shoes from Red Eye 1 Utama

So comfy, I also bought a blue version. There were some others as well but.. self control yo! They're rather affordable around RM 35 a pair.

Pink sneakers from Red Eye 1 Utama

Slapped on some Beauty Talk Day Cream and did some light makeup. I'm back to my Empro Triangular Brow Pencil now. It gives me better control and makes it easier to draw on my imperfect brows.

Today's makeup from Makeup Revolution, Empro and Bloop

And food!
This is my first time having Eggs Benedict and first time at Wondermama too. Not bad but too much vinegar made it super sour. Nescafe Tarik was yums though. Their pancakes are super fluffy btw!

Eggs Benedict and Nescafe Tarik from Wondermama

Also got this box of goodies from Natta Cosme & Rakuten. Can't wait to try the contents~

Natta Cosme parcel from Rakuten


  1. Lucky you got invited to the event. :D
    I love your contact lens colour though.

    1. We each get invited to different events =D
      Thanks! I'm on a lookout for brown lenses though

  2. I love the shoes. look so cute! would you like to follow each other? If you follow me, please let me know.
    I will follow you back for sure. thank you so much! =D


  3. Your blog layout is seriously amazing!!

    1. You can download templates like these from the internet but they do need a LOT of tweaking ^_^

  4. Nice outfit!


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