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[Review] Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum & Skin Conditioner

You've probably used serums on your face but did you know there are serums for your body as well?

Nivea body care products

I decided to challenge myself to pamper my skin continuously for 14 days and see if there is a difference. For the 2 weeks, these 3 products have become a staple in my life. Nivea Skin Conditioner for during shower, Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum for day time and Nivea Whitening Night Serum for before bed.

Nivea daily routine

This Nivea Skin Conditioner is meant to be used after your shower gel. It is not, I repeat NOT a shower gel. It covers your skin with a nourishing layer and you'll feel immediately silkier skin.

Nivea Skin Conditioner

Nivea In Shower Skin Conditioner review

I rarely use body lotion in the daytime because it's sticky and oily yuck. But I was shocked to discover that the Nivea serums were not sticky at all! It even comes with SPF33 PA+++ to protect your skin from the sun. So now my entire body has SPF protection, not just my face.

Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum

It has a very mild scent. Doesn't bother me at all. It looks thick but believe me.. Every single bit gets absorbed and you won't feel a thing! The Night Serum is equally as good but it smells nicer.

Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum review

Dear Nivea, I love to wear shorts so can I please have nice legs?

Applying lotion on legs

My legs are notoriously dry and cracked with scars from shaving. After using this combination for 2 weeks, my skin is less dry and even le Bf asked me why my arms and legs feel smoother. Yes! I admit it's not really moisturizing enough for my legs so guess I'll be topping up with a Nivea Body Lotion just for that extra boost of moisture.

Results from using Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum & Skin Conditioner

I believe my knees don't look as dark as before too.. o_O

Nivea Extra Whitening Skin Therapy Serum & Skin Conditioner review

In love with these Nivea serums, especially for day use! You can even keep one bottle in your car or office to reapply before lunch time.

Nivea whitening products

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


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  2. Can i get to sample your products for my dark sports on legs cause am really frustrated with the other products am usinh


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