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[Fashion] Socks You Won't Wanna Miss

I don't really wear socks but honestly, I could buy these just because they're so awesome.

Disney Princess socks - can you name them? xD

Panda and cat socks!

This is how the cat socks look like when worn!!!

Initially thought these were pigs but apparently they're bears =/

Gryffindor socks WHAT!!

And these superhero socks will give you super powers by just wearing them #justkidding

And... ta-da! Pokemon socks!

Lace socks for the girly ones.

And those Elmo ones!

Not socks, but aren't those cat ear beanies just adorable? =D

Items above were from Oh Temptations.


  1. These socks are looking fairy and funny. I like all of them I have many and all types socks. In my childhood i wore these types socks many times. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for share your socks collection are looking awesome, i love pink bear :)


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