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[DIY] Buying Fabrics from 1004yo Korea

Cosplayers, DIY-lovers and people who love to sew will love 1004Yo on OKDGG! Got these all the way from South Korea because the quality and variety is better than those in Malaysia.

Apart from these fabrics, they also sell leather material, yarn, sewing tools, lace, buttons and more.

I was a bit concerned about the cloth getting wet during postage but turns out they triple protected it =O

Hellooo~~~ Got this whole stack from 1004yo. One of them were already nearing the end of the roll so 1004yo gave me the rest of it as well. That's an extra 2.5m! 

Plus a freebie omg why you so nice!

Then my sister shrieked because she spotted this piece of Michael Miller fabric (branded cloth lol)

The quality is superb! We're having ideas of turning this into a Hawaii-themed shirt for Carlson.

One of the embroidered fabrics.

Teapots! My mum wants to cut out the big teapots to be sewn individually.

The colours are vibrant and design is very detailed.

Before they turn into clothes, I'm using them as photo backdrops xD

This kind of textured cloth is pretty expensive in Malaysia. Prices are quite affordable on 1004yo so my sister and mom took the opportunity to grab a whole bunch. Perhaps a little dress for my almost-born-niece!

Easy backdrop for product photography teehee

Will keep you guys updated once my sister sews anything from these 1004Yo fabrics~

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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