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When Your Hair Becomes a Lighthouse

"I couldn't find you guys in class
so I just looked for Isabel's hair"

So apparently my hair has become a lighthouse to help my friends find their way =/ Glad to help..

It all started when I got my ashy pink hair from Frank Salon. Then the pink faded to blonde and somehow I got green hair after that.

Pink, blonde and green hair

The green hair was absolutely accidental but as Frankie guessed, I can accept weird colours LOL #yolo

Ever since the pink faded and my hair became blonde, it has somehow become everyone's business. I don't mind if you tell me its nice/ugly but what you say has gotta make sense.

"Only old women have blonde hair."
- What...?

"You should dye it black."
- I didn't get my hair bleached just to dye it back to its original colour.

"Do you love kpop? Did you get this hair colour because of kpop? Because they're getting colours like this so you're following them?"
- I don't even...

I will probably go back to brown after this so sorry if you guys cannot find me in class anymore xD Any salon recommendations around PJ?

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  1. maybe you should do some research into red latte before reviewing blindly ;)


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