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Help Me Pick My Glasses!

Recently I've just become more and more blind then coincidentally I got this RM 100 discount voucher. My glasses normally cost a bomb so any discount is appreciated! =D It's around my uni anyway.. and as I always say.. it's free to try lulz

So I did! From my previous experience I already know that this kind of shape is best for my face. But I was half blind when I tried them on (had to take out my contacts) so help me choose?

#1 Emporio Armani
I liked this one! It was quite comfortable too.

#2 Prada
I should get gradient hair to match this gradient frame lolol I like the effect but probably not so keen on the grey?

#3 Asterik
Black in front but coloured inside with metal arms (the rest are plastic)

#4 Gucci
The moment I tried this on, the girl and I were both *gasp!* it looks so good! But as I said.. I was half blind.. I could be wrong? Cat eye frame with white arms.

I also saw these but the above were my shortlisted ones. This Edwin pair looks good but white just doesn't agree with my face.

And the lime green one omgomgomg so pretty! I need to go try that on again xD Btw, I discovered that G-Shock has spectacles as well =O

Looking at the 4 brands I chose, you might think that they're very expensive but apparently I could have gotten my current glasses here for half the price I paid =/ No point crying over spilled milk. At least I can buy my new pair at a cheaper price now..

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