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Ashy Pink Hair from Frank Salon

Trust - Allowing your hairstylist to give you a 'surprise'

Me : Frankie, what are you planning to do with my hair?
Frankie : Surprise!

Er okay.. Haha! I did ask him to define surprise after that but his choice was great! He wanted to give me pinkish hair but I asked for a bit more brown because I've been wanting pink-brown hair for ages!

Ashy pink hair

Frank Salon used to be in Pavilion but they moved to Nexus Bangsar South recently. The place is comfortable, with Wi-Fi, hot tea and lots of seats. Also, parking is currently free as the location is quite new and parking lots are in abundance!

Frank Salon Nexus Bangsar South

Interior of Frank Salon

Inside Frank Salon

Milbon hair dye
What I did like about them was their Milbon colour selection! This brand from Japan is quite notable and carries these beautiful soft, milky colours. So pretty please..

Milky colour hair dye from Milbon Japan

Milbon hair colour choices

I had to bleach twice to remove my copper tones. For a brief moment, I did consider staying blonde LOL

Why bleach?
In order to get a clean & pure colour, it's best to bleach your hair before colouring. Otherwise, the colour may be drowned out by your previous colour.

Is bleach damaging?
Yes, just like any other chemical service you do to your hair. However, it's not as bad as most people think. Just go for a hair treatment and use hair masks/oils. Also, Frankie uses a certain technique to minimize the damage to your hair.

Bleaching hair at Frank Salon
That's Sharon btw..

Outdoors, it looks slightly warmer with an orangey tone.

Pink brown hair under sunlight

When indoors, the pink tone reveals itself, especially under fluorescent light. I cannot even express how much I love it.

Beautiful ash pink hair

Close up of awesome pink hair.

Ashy pink hair closeup

Thank you Frankie! I had small talks with him during my visit and was really impressed at his knowledge. I feel like I can actually trust him with my hair. The staff there are really friendly too.

Me and Frankie at Frank Salon

Refer a friend and get 20% off! Not sure if this applies for my readers but you can call to ask. FYI, they are usually busy with their regular customers from Pavilion so make sure you make an appointment first.

Frank Salon promotion

Unit 1-7, Level 1,
Nexus, Bangsar South,
7 Jalan Kerinchi,
Kuala Lumpur

Phone number : 012-2590515
Facebook :


  1. such a simple yet beautiful tutorial! great job... i'm really interested to try out their eyeshadows now haha :) xx

    juli @

  2. hahahahaha oh god pity you!!! i read the novel long before it was even famous so yeah, I'm considered lucky to not get any spoilers like this XD by the way, your drawings are cute esp the Dead Gus with cigarette XD

  3. Isabel so pretttyyyyyyy. Gosh the colour suits you welll :D

  4. haha! Well, I wasn't very into reading before this but slowly picking up the habit again

  5. Thanks! Now I wonder if I should have listened to him and gone lighter/bolder

  6. Having thoughts of going for a lighter pink!

  7. Thanks! The lighter colour strangely seems to look better on me

  8. OMG love your new hair colour!! I wanted pink brown previously also T_T

  9. Farisha Nadia (Nala)07 August, 2014 01:08

    The hair color suits you! You look fabulous :D

  10. Not too late to get one =P

  11. It's a pretty color! I always want to dye my hair to light pink or grey, but i haven't find the place i can trust to do my hair.
    Can i ask how much you spended to dye your hair including the bleaching?


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