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Why You Shouldn't Discuss Novels Until You Finish Them

Everybody was reading The Fault in Our Stars. If you have not finished reading it, you should not continue this blog post.

I wasn't hipster enough not to read it so I started reading, felt her breathlessness, imagined beautiful Amsterdam with tree dandruff and I reached the part where they had sex.

And I was just like.. How did they do that without either of them dying? Earlier on, they almost couldn't climb up a flight of steps. And now they're having sex?! I had to assume she was on top since he had only 1.4 legs. Unless he had somehow mastered the act with a lack in limbs. But he was a virgin so nahh.. So.. why didn't her lungs fail?

As I was discussing this mindboggling issue with Elie, she replied me.

And I was just like... You see.. I had not quite reached that part of the book yet..

And ever since then, my mind automatically read Augustus or Gus as 'Dead Gus'. Had this picture in my mind too. Still with his unlit cigarette dangling between his cold, dead lips.

And that is why you don't discuss novels when you have not finished them.

I was sure of one thing though. 'The feels' escalated very quickly towards the end.

Comment if you understand this xD

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