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Japanese Street Food at Sushi King

Japan is a country rich with culture and lots of yummy yummy food. Thanks to Sushi King, everyone can experience authentic Japanese street food right here in Malaysia.

Sushi King Sunway Pyramid

This special Japanese summer menu lasts until 31st August.

Sushi King special Japanese summer menu

Spicy Edamame RM 4.00
I'm not usually a fan of edamame because I find them plain but this plate comes with a twist! They're tossed with spicy chilli flakes for that extra oomph, making this snack delicious.

Sushi King Spicy Edamame

Pumpkin Tenpura RM 5.00
Here's a healthier alternative to french fries - thin slices of pumpkin are coated in tenpura batter to give the sweet treat a crunchy shell.

Sushi King Pumpkin Tenpura

Unagi Nigiri RM 5.00
Slices of unagi covered in generous amounts of sauce and balanced on top of sushi rice. Yum! Unagi lovers will be glad to find out that this plate is RM 5 this season instead of RM 6.

Sushi King Unagi Nigiri

Spicy Salmon Nigiri RM 5
Firstly, I'm amazed at how thick the slices of salmon are. They're even long enough for the ends to touch the plate. That's how sushi should be like! Topped with spicy chilli flakes, the fresh, melting salmon pieces are bound to excite your taste buds. This sushi does not even need wasabi or soy sauce. It's already bursting with flavour by itself.

Sushi King Spicy Salmon Nigiri

Kushiage Moriawase RM 11.90
This was when we were first introduced to 'amazing sauce' aka okonomi sauce! It is commonly used in Japan, even in households. After trying it, I can definitely see why now. It's like a BBQ sauce but with a slightly sour after taste. It's also used for some of the other dishes.

This plate carries 5 types of deep fried skewers; prawn, scallop, chicken nugget, mushroom and long beans. I especially enjoyed the sweetness of the seafood but actually everything tasting awesome with the okonomi sauce x_x

Sushi King Kushiage Moriawase with okonomi sauce

Takoyaki Tenpura RM 6.90
Here's a takoyaki that you've probably never tried before. Eat it while it's hot so that the outer tenpura layer is still crunchy. Bite down into the soft octopus ball laden with okonomi sauce and mayonnaise. Not only does it taste good, but the texture is a unique delight as well.

Sushi King Takoyaki Tenpura

Beef/Chicken Tonpei Yaki RM 9.90
This is so good! I especially loved the beef variant. Thick, juicy chunks of beef with lots of onions, combined with the sweet taste of cabbage and crunchy fritters. They're then wrapped in egg and topped with okonomi sauce & mayonnaise.

Sushi King Beef or Chicken Tonpei Yaki

Kushiage Bento RM 16.90
For an easy, balanced meal, you can try this bento box which features thick salmon steak and deep fried skewers. I must warn you that the portion is pretty filling!

Sushi King Kushiage Bento

Chicken Yaki Udon RM 13.90
Udon, my love.. Now mixed with okonomi sauce, my other love! Although I enjoyed the chewy Japanese wheat noodles, the deep fried chicken nuggets were a bit tough.

Sushi King Chicken Yaki Udon

Ramune RM 6.90 
And the star of the night was this cute bottle of fizzy carbonated drink. This limited edition lemon-line soda not only tastes great but is loads of fun as well.

Sushi King Ramune soda water

Unwrap the plastic and remove the ring from the pink plunger. Place plunger over the top of bottle and press down for 3 seconds as the clear marble drops. Don't worry! The bottle cap prevents the marble from coming out of the bottle as you drink.

Opening Ramune soda at Sushi King

After our meal, we proceeded to order more food through the tablet cos they were just too yummy xD We had more salmon nigiri, salmon sushi, tsubukko and a chocolate brownie. Dear bf, can I please eat this again?

Ordering food at Sushi King

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