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Lazy Meals with Foodpanda

There was one time that le Bf left the house with my set of keys and I was actually stuck inside my house with no way out. Then my tummy started calling out to me and I was forced to order McDelivery but found out that they have minimum order. So I ended up having to buy enough food for lunch AND dinner =/ It was something like a burger, 2 sundaes, 2 apple pies, 2 large fries and a large Coke. Le awkward moment when he had to pass me the food one by one through the grill of the gate lolol

But then now there's foodpanda! Wasn't really convinced with the idea at first. However, I was seriously craving for Jap food but had to babysit at home. So okay lah.. Give it a shot.

First, you must understand that not all restaurants are within your range so do a little check to see which ones can deliver to you on the foodpanda website. Or you can also do this via their mobile app which you can find on Google Play, App Store or Windows Phone Store.

foodpanda Malaysia website

Because my area is near to Paradigm Mall, I have access to lots of restaurants there plus some outside. Yay! I found Sakae Sushi on the list ngek ngek

List of restaurants on foodpanda

Ordered dinner for 2 from the comforts of my home. Lazy max.. Quite convenient for days that you get locked in  your house.

Ordering food with foodpanda

6 minutes later, I received a confirmation SMS and then less than 25 minutes later, I got my food! In total, I waited 29 minutes which is pretty awesome since I would have spent a longer time actually going there and finding parking then tapau. The delivery guy, Murum(?), was quite friendly also. Although he got a bit of a shock when I asked him for a photo xD

Foodpanda delivery service review

To tell the truth, I was expecting broken sushi and all but they arrived safe.

Sakae Sushi delivery from foodpanda

Complete with wasabi and soy sauce woot!

Sakae Sushi Paradigm Mall from foodpanda

Combo A: Beef with assorted sashimi and sushi

Sakae Sushi Combo A: Beef with assorted sashimi and sushi

Sushi Set A

Sakae Sushi foodpanda Sushi Set A

Food delivery from foodpanda

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the service and speed. They do charge RM 4 for delivery but you can keep an eye out for the deals as some of them have free delivery.

P.S. There's an RM 10 discount code over at dealhero! It's valid until 31st August. Just key in this code when ordering.


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