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Rakuten Super Sale - RIP Wallet

I never understood why my friends kept going gaga over Rakuten. Then I saw that there was a Rakuten Super Sale - I love sales - so I went to check it out and OMG I've already opened this site for the 5th time today =/

Time to stock up for Autumn/Winter 2014! Basically my uni is in autumn/winter mode all the time so I guess this will be perfect #excusestoshop

I absolutely love these kind of comfortable long tops that I can wear on lazy days~~ I can't decide on the umbrella top though.. Yellow or grey? Please tell me by Wednesday because the Super Sale lasts for a week only:

25 September - 1 October

I can totally imagine myself wearing these with jeggings or shorts. Good for freezing cinemas too~

Free Shipping
Then I also have my eyes on this top! The red one is just so pretty.. They're all from LuvClo merchant who is offering free shipping so yay!

Time Sale
The LuvClo Time Sale lasts for 1 day where different stuff go on sale each day. But Rakuten also has 1000 of their own time sales so I'm gonna be coming back to see what's for sale xD

Bundle Promo
LuvClo also has these Bundle Promo. I have already gathered my friends to combine purchases to get these awesome deals wheeee~~~

Psst.. Don't forget you get Rakuten Points with purchases which can be used as rebate ;)


  1. The yellow umbrella top is really stands out.

  2. I vote for the yellow umbrella top! Eh, wait, it's friday! You meant next Wednesday right? Go get the yellow one! :D
    It would be awesome to be in your size.. so easy to find pretty clothes. and cheap too!

  3. Actually many of them are in much bigger sizes

  4. DARN IT! I bought the grey nooooooo

  5. hahaha! not sure how I'm going to tahan for the next few days


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