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SF Beauty Skin Absolute V-Lifting Serum Review

Want a sharp v-shaped face? There are ways to achieve it without surgery..

V shaped face

You can't really do much about the shape of your jawbone but you can lift the skin around it. Due to gravitational pull and our body aging, skin tends to sag.

SF Beauty Skin has created a power combo to fight this to return you your v-shaped face.

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SF Beauty Skin Absolute V-Lifting Serum
Aims to define your facial contour instantly within 3 minutes by lifting and firming your skin. It also hydrates and smooths lines while brightening your skin tone.

SF Beauty Skin Absolute V-Lifting Serum

The serum is best paired with the Magic Massage Pen to enhance the lifting effect.

SF Beauty Skin Magic Massage Pen

The Magic Massage Pen functions with high frequency rotation to produce a vibrating effect and help products work better. In fact, you can use it with any of your skincare products.

Magic Massage Pen that vibrates

Just press the button at the bottom to switch on.

Switch for Magic Massage Pen

Massage face in an upward manner, placing the massage pen at a 45 degree angle (sorry, my angle is wrong in this photo LOL) until serum is absorbed. Don't forget to massage your laugh lines as well~

How to use SF Beauty Skin Magic Massage Pen

Here's the results directly after using both products. Can see a slight lift on my jaw and cheeks plus my face doesn't feel so heavy. It does provide hydration and I noticed my fine lines are less obvious. However, I must note that this is not a permanent solution. You must use it constantly. Your face sags a little everyday so you must also massage it everyday!

Results from SF Beauty Skin Absolute V-Lifting Serum

SF Beauty Skin provides a unique "Try It Before Purchase, Free Sample Set Deliver to Home" as well as online personal beauty consultants to guarantee your satisfaction without wasting money.

Here's your chance to experience Absolute V-Lifting! Visit or call toll free number 1800-88-6919 to get your free sample set ASAP.

You can also like SF FB fan page and join the “Absolute V Like & Share Event” to get one mask for free!

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


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