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Restyle by A Cut Above

Since Yan-Y and I both needed a trim, we dropped by Restyle by A Cut Above in Taylor's Lakeside. So convenient ermahgad.. With just one last semester here, I think it's pretty late for us to be discovering this salon =/

Hello! Wash & Cut by senior stylist for RM 38 only.

Restyle by A Cut Above promotion

Many seats but only 1 hair wash sink and 1 senior stylist at the time we were there. So call to make an appointment..

Restyle by A Cut Above outlet

Ta-da! Chopped off my hair because it's so darn hot.

Haircut by Restyle, Taylor's Lakeside

Initially, she cut my hair only slightly shorter (about an inch) but I requested for it to be shorter and she changed the entire style to suit the new length. Thanks May! You are awesome.

Before and after haircut

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