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Removing Media View Advertisements from Your Browser

Sometimes I open my Google Chrome and I see all these super annoying spam ads! See those green words with double lines underneath? They convert words in your browser to advertisement links to get money. Then there's that huge banner above by Media View.

Remove advertisements

Removing them is actually easy. Just go to your extensions and look for things which you did not install. Most of the time they are 'Installed by a third party'.

Media view

Just disable and delete them.

Your browser will return to normal! =)

Then every time I clicked on a link, it would open an ad as well. To get rid of this, go to "Add or Remove Programs" or similar and look for newly installed programs which you are not familiar with.

Media View again urgh! *delete* *delete*

Media Viewer advertisements

Right.. Hope this has helped you if you have ever encountered such a problem!

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