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My Shopping Obsession

I have a sickness that comes and goes. Every now and then, I get absolutely crazy over something and intend to buy everything related to it. Based on Isabel's Shopaholic Theory (Lee, 2014) there are 5 stages of Shopping Obsession.

Stage 1 : The Love at First Sight

My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. The glow around her from the lamp above, the fact that she makes all her peers seem dull and faded away, her vibrant character colour..

As the other pursuer steps away, she is finally left alone and I approached her slowly but firmly. I realize she is more beautiful up close.

I wrapped my arms around her and brought her away from the others to get to know her better. My heart raced as I heard the zipper being undone; curious as to what is underneath. This is the one.. Definitely.

Stage 2 : Second Date.. and Third

Others after her bored me but I didn't want to be too hasty. So I went back again and again. Each visit reassured me of my choice.

Stage 3 : Continue Online

Went back to stalk her online, checking her out from different angles. Then I found out she has amazing friends/sisters/cousins! Fell in love with 10 others and add all of them to my cart/wishlist so I can stare at them again later. Canceled each one as I convinced myself they're flawed and not as perfect.

Stage 4 : The Marriage

She was finally mine. She was constantly by my side, clinging on my arm. I brought her everywhere I went; to dinner, to the movies, to work.. I was proud and showed her off to everyone I knew.

Stage 5 : The Divorce

It was lovely while it lasted but.. things have changed. I found myself a NEW obsession! 

*process repeats itself*

Now now.. this has happened more often than I would admit =( Please tell me I'm not the only one?


  1. i think i have the same problem too, but i tend not to buy XD just admiring and admiring and admiring, telling myself either i dont need it, or i cant buy it or else i wont have $$ to eat, keh3~ if you think that you dont like it anymore, maybe one day you can make a pre-loved sale?

  2. The problem is.. I buy it then I keep convincing myself that I will somehow wear/use it one day HAHA

  3. You sure?! Look back at your FB feed. I'm sure you shopped more than once lolol

  4. i shopped a lot for sure but on discounted price... i dun buy normal priced item unless those item that dont sale one la! if u see me buying normal priced item means that item i reli love and its very beautiful n worth every penny!

  5. hahaha funny! XD wellll I guilt trippin on cosmetics mostly >.<"

  6. Well... We could always use another pink blusher even though it looks exactly like the other 5 you already have =x

  7. Hhahaha! Touche :p well I try not to buy the same but the colours are always so... captivating. Hehehe.

  8. AHAHAH. That's what I always do >.< I'm so gonna agree on your points weh.

  9. Hahaha! Our poor bank accounts..


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