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Vary Pasta @ Damansara Jaya (Christmas 2013)

Another #throwback post =x Christmas 2013! Celebrated with le Bf at Vary Pasta. As I stepped in here and saw the table in the corner, I was again reminded of that woman from Valentine's 2012 #throwbackception

Playing with my then new Samsung Note 3.

Not something I would normally order but le Bf said we should try it so okay!

Cream of Broccoli Soup
This is a creamy green soup which you should avoid if you hate veges. I have no complains since I love my greens plus it went went with the fragrant garlic toast.

Dijon Mushroom RM 8.50
This was described as grilled button mushrooms with Dijon mustard cream sauce in the menu. Loved the heavy garlic taste which excited my tastebuds. However, towards the end, I found it to be too salty as the sauce was really 'kao'. Should probably share among 4 people.

Mixed Sausages Platter RM 39.50
A mixture of grilled pork and chicken sausages resting on potato and green salad. So-so dish. Nothing really special about it if you've tried sausage platters elsewhere.

Looking back at 2012's post, I think I ordered the exact same thing HAHA!

Roasted Pork Belly RM 32.50
Roasted pork belly, served with sauteed vegetables & Dijon mustard sauce. Pork was extremely tender and juicy. Enjoy the yummy layers as you discover the ham and cheese stuffing within. Vegetables cooked well til even the broccoli were soft. As usual, potato pancake underneath was just amazing.

Thanks for dinner, love!

Moments after I uploaded that last pic, Picasa decided to 'bling' it automatically wtf!

Address : 21 Jalan SS 22/23  Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone number : 03-7710-6100


  1. The roasted pork platter looks and sounds good! Also, Picasa got auto-bling function?! LOLOLOL

  2. I dunno man! Like how would they know that that is my bf kan?


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