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Eyebrow Embroidery at Empro

Eyebrow embroidery in Malaysia @ Empro Cosmetic Review~

When I brought my mom to have her eyebrow embroidery done at Empro, they told me that it would last up to 1-2 years. They lied!!

After 2.5 years, her Bonbrow is still very much visible but we decided to touchup the colour anyway. FYI, if you return to touchup the colour within 3 years, it is 50% off or even cheaper (depends on the number of months since your previous touchup). So, this touch up is only RM 440, which breaks down to less than RM 15 a month.

Empro Bonbrow

Returned to their Ikano outlet as it's the nearest. The others are at Sungei Wang & Mid Valley.

Peace was my mom's artist. As the old embroidery has faded and the shape has shifted due to natural skin sagging etc., she tried to adjust it back. The entire process including embroidery was only 70 minutes as touch ups are faster than first time embroideries.

Empro eyebrow reshape

And we are done! The redness subsided within an hour and was gone by the time we got home. Looks pretty natural already and no shin chan brows. Love that it's even lighter at the front compared to some other shops where the whole brow is a solid colour.

Empro eyebrow embroidery before and after

By one week, the colour had faded to become even more natural-looking. We're pretty satisfied with the shape and my mom couldn't be happier. It's a good investment for 2.5 years, no?

Eyebrow embroidery process at Empro

Must follow their care tips as well.

Eyebrow embroidery care tips

We will be back!

If you're interested, there are 3 types of eyebrow embroideries at Empro, each with a different purpose. They also offer other services like eyeliner and lip embroidery, eyelash perming, eyelash extension, HD Baby Skin Treatments, and laser tattoo removal.

Eyebrow embroidery in Malaysia types

Ikano outlet
G15, Ground Floor,
Ikano Power Centre,
2, Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: (+6) 03 – 7722 2121, HP: (+6) 012 – 586 2699

Other outlets at Mid Valley, Sungei Wang, Penang, Ipoh & Indonesia :


  1. Wow can last so long!
    So the full price for embroidery is RM 880?

  2. Yup RM 880 for Bonbrow but there are 2 other types which are cheaper - Ebrow & Ero

  3. Why I feel the reality brow looks different from what they advertise in the brochure one? Still looks like tattoo type :O

  4. For really natural looking brows, take Ero. That one has lines only so it's like you have lots of eyebrow hair. But my mum prefer to have brows that look like they're drawn already (after makeup) so Bonbrow is better. From my eyes it doesn't look like tattoo lar.

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