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Empro Bonbrow (Eyebrow Embroidery)

Argh.. Don't like going to Empro cos I feel very self conscious about my brows. I can imagine the staff staring at my unbalanced, wrongly filled and oddly shaped brows =/ You know when you talk to someone, you should look into their eyes to make them feel like you're really interested in talking to them? Well, I feel like they're talking to my brows *paranoid*

Blurred mummy's face cos she saw the pic and complained about all her wrinkles. Pfft..

Took an hour for designing alone by Wen. It's gonna be on your face for 2 years so you better make sure you're happy with it. Don't be afraid to tell her what you want. You paid for it and you don't wanna regret later on.

Mummy wasn't happy with the first result. Her brows were way too thick and fierce looking.

We asked her to make it thinner and longer (left side on pic). Wen did not ask any questions/disagree and simply followed our request. Mummy said she's hardworking but not much knowledge on how to design eyebrows according to a person's face (overall look).

After doing the other side, it's still not really balanced as the right side (left in pic) is more arched. At this point, she didn't really wanna change the design cos apparently the shape is okay and suits the brow bone.

After my mum was finally happy with the shape, she went into the small room at the back.

I wasn't really allowed inside even though my mum requested that I followed.

"She can sit inside but cannot see"

What..?? What's this top secret shit?! It's like that 'The Most Exclusive Website in the World' for Twitter people. In the end I opted to stay outside and record my thoughts about Area 51.

Alexey Stiop -

The whole tattoo process took an hour. Survived thanks to my phone (blasting music into my ears to avoid myself from falling asleep). The redness & swelling weren't too bad.. Pain was bearable. Mum said it was like tiny ant bites.

Apparently, after a week, the shape will shrink a little, the colour will fade and your skin will peel. Then you gotta go back for a 'refill' to make the colour permanent (well actually, up to 2 years). You can't eat seafood, eggs and 'poisonous foods' for a week and you gotta make sure it's dry for 3 days.

As you can see.. The colour fades away after a week but you need to touch up after 1 month. Within the first few days, it was really patchy and looked like leopard prints! xD Darn.. Should have taken a photo =/ Update : After 1.5 years, the embroidery is still pretty visible and doesn't need a touch up yet.

When the two years are up, the colour will just fade off instead of turning grey or red like the older brow tattoos. If you want to redo them at Empro, you can get your future bonbrows at half price (RM 400) so they're really encouraging you to go back. The price may seem steep but it's more convenient for my mum as her eyesight is not that good anymore and she finds it harder to draw her brows, especially when it's dark. Now she can wake up with nice brows! One less thing to worry about everyday = less wrinkles. WIN!


  1. i went to empro during christmas. i did it on my eyebrow. mine is like ur mum's case. after a week, the right one if fine but the left one is out of shape a bit. when i look myself at the mirror, they are not they called and i complained to them. they will touch up again foc of course after cny. hopefully after that my eyebrows will look good...if not...i'll surely go mad...

  2. In my mums case, the 2nd artist was good and managed to fix it :) her brows look fine now

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