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Nicole's husband's birthday was on Sunday so we went for lunch & watched Green Lantern. Free brownie for the birthday boy! Yum..

Food at Chili's was okay.. Not too impressed. I ordered some kinda salmon with herbs that came with rice and really hard vegetables (can't you cook it for a bit more?), RM 34. Salmon was kinda 'fishy' (I'm uber sensitive to this).

I dunno what's this but it's a little spicy. Quite nice.

Tequila lime fish thingy, about RM 26.

Chicken spaghetti which had really watery sauce.

As for the movie.. I'll say the story was kinda flat then all the exciting stuff was cramped together at the end and it ended just like that =/ Good looking people in it though (except the bad guy!!)

FOTD : Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle, Empro triangular eyebrow pencil, Silkygirl Eyeliners (Bronze & Gold), Heroine Make Eyeliner, Maybelline Magnum mascara, Maybelline tinted lip balm, Wet n Wild Blusher (Pearlescent Pink)  & MagicColour Blushy Green lenses.

P.S. I think my hair looks gorgeous here LOL
*Shows off nails*

I dunno how I got his but I have a big bruise beside my left knee =_= It hurts when I bend my knee and the whole area was swollen on the first day! Wth..

Kiamsiap me didn't wanna buy an eyebrow mascara (applies colour on your brows so it doesn't look weird if you have bleached hair) so I tried using my brown mascara instead. FAIL!! Brow hairs clumped and the colour became super dark.

Just get an eyebrow mascara lol

And if you're feeling down... Here's a picture of me during work to put a smile on your face =_="

Yes.. I was required to wear the hat even though I was indoors =/ It kept wanting to come off when I walked about. Pfft...

I just wanna mention one thing I've been absolutely loving and bringing along with me everywhere. My Tidy&Neat bag organizer ^_^

It's the PERFECT size for my current bag, comes with 2 compartments inside, multiple pouches outside (small and big), a key holder (I don't use this as I find it too much of a hassle to unclip my keys everytime) and handles so you can transfer it to another bag easily.

On any normal day, my bag may look like this (plus a camera, which I used to take the photo. duh...). I have.. A bottle, wallet, makeup pouch, reusable bag, phone, spectacles case, tissue, keys, earphones, sanitary pad, camera, hair clip & scrunchie. I have to dig through this mess to find anything and there are embarrassing moments like having my pad fly out =_= Also, everything collects at the bottom and creates this huge bulge.. Urgh..

Now.. Chuck all that into a Tidy&Neat and voila! I love being organized.. Lols.. Now I can place my hand into my bag and instantly know where everything is! Isn't that just amazing.. ^_^ It also makes changing my bag easier and I can use this inside bags that have an odd shape (too soft / doesn't have a rectangular base).

I wish they have bigger sizes though.. Cos I know my bag is considered medium or small-medium and I'm already using size M. Some girls (like my sis) carry humongous bags that can fit umbrellas, books, planners, folders etc and they definitely won't find their size here.


  1. You look soooo pretty!! Too bad the food wasn't that good but neither do I enjoy that place :( Its kinda over priced for the quality of food you get :(
    and I lol-ed at your photo of you at work, its funny but you just look so cute ><

    p.s. yes, your hair is really really gorgeous :D

  2. M hm.. I only like the nacho chips ^_^ Yum yum.. Bottomless, of course xD

    It was kinda embarrassing cos customers would stare at the hat =(

  3. I love the compartment bag~ I usually just throw everything in my humongous bag. lol And I notice that everything was such in mess, especially when I try to search for my keys. -__-

  4. Yup.. This is a wonderful invention IMO xD

  5. Your skin looks gorgeous! Your hair too!


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