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Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant, Puchong

I remember my friend recommended this place before but I've never been here until Adelyn suggested Uncle Jang for her farewell dinner.

Surprisingly not much crowd but thank god because with 5 tables, it was already so smoky. This kinda cooking is not meant to be indoors, yo!

Photo wall @_@

The menu is really.. Short.

We just ordered the Dak-Galbi but mega regret never ask for more more more rice cakes because once they cook it you cannot add on anymore. Doesn't make sense because we added fried rice later and since you're going to cook it anyway, can just plop in some rice cakes too right?! So if you like rice cakes, sweet potato or chicken, make sure you order in advance.

Don't worry, the dude will cook for you xD

After eating half of your original portion you may add rice.

Also ordered this yummy Pork-Bulgogi. Well marinated, soft and well.. porky! Loved the sauce on the vegetable as well! Food totaled up to about RM 25 per person. Taste is not bad and I wouldn't mind having it again if not for the smoky environment.

Friends since primary school. Gonna miss you for 2 years! That's a photo from high school btw xD

Facebook :
Address : No,1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/7, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Dropped by Blackball for dessert as well. I think I'm pretty much over these kinda desserts..

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