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Traveling in Thailand - Hua Hin

A continuation from Part 1~ We spent 3 days in Hua Hin, an escape from the busy Bangkok city.

Hua Hin is a small town with a combination of city center and beachside. It's VERY HOT!

Hua Hin city

Our home for 3 days was Mod Guesthouse, which is built on stilts by the seaside (so it's a lil squeaky when you walk). It's clean, comes with free wi-fi, has a fridge and is equipped with air conditioner plus hot water. I believe it was about RM 80 a night.

Mod Guesthouse Hua Hin Thailand review

Mod Guesthouse washroom

Our room was situated on the upper floor but the ones downstairs are quite dark as they face this alley inside. The windows are inside and the curtain is flimsy so it did feel a lil insecure.

Mod Guesthouse bike rental

There are bikes for rent everywhere, including the hotel and everywhere on the streets, at 200 baht a day.

Motorcycles for rent in Hua Hin

View from outside our room! Beyond the small temple you will find a beach.

Hua Hin beach

On the other side there's a pier/jetty/dock/whatever.

Seaside view at Hua Hin Thailand

Pastel skies~~~

Fishing on the jetty at Hua Hin
Beautiful seaside at Hua Hin

You can join the locals for a bit of fishing.

Fishing with a net at Hua Hin

Sunset at Hua Hin

Found this man and his dog - he said "look there!" and the dog really turned! Life here is more relaxed and laid back, similar to Bali - if you're interested you can check out some of the Bali tour packages.

Dog on motorbike in Hua Hin Thailand

Right.. So I went all the way to Thailand for McDs wtf.. If you're not from a Muslim country you might not understand. You see, our McDs doesn't have PORK so this was like heaven! Samurai Burger 79 baht, Jumbo Pork Burger/Big Mac 99 baht, Iced Lemon Tea 40 baht. Simply amazing.. I've never had such a juicy burger patty in my life!

Thailand McDonalds

Chicken Ham pie 35 baht - carrots, ham and a tomato based sauce sandwiched in a hot crispy pocket. I thought McDs here was quite pricey.. Small cups of fruit juices go for 60 baht and McValue meals are about 140+ baht.

Pork burger in Thailand

Headed to the nearby night market which covered 2 long streets.

Hua Hin night market

Seafood galore! Lobsters go for about 1500 baht per kg. One side of the night market (with restaurants) is filled with bars and is quite happening.

Lobsters in Hua Hin

They cook it right in front of you and sometimes put on a fire-y show for tourists.

Cooking seafood in Hua Hin night market

We literally stopped at every single seafood restaurant and ask for prices. This Lung Ja shop is the best! The lobster is slightly cheaper and he offered us free fried rice and vegetables as well. Squid 80b/2pcs, scallop 120b/8pcs.

Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant in Hua Hin

Pineapple rice was not bad~ Coconut water and fruit juices are 40baht.

Fried rice and vegetables at Lung Ja Seafood, Hua Hin

Our lobster arrived and we were amazed by the amount of flesh stored inside! In order for us to try all the tastes, the chef cooked it with 4 sauces - white wine garlic, cheese, black pepper and Thai sauce. Super love! I would recommend you to try this restaurant if you're here.

Lobster with four sauces at Hua Hin

Stopped for more mushrooms! Normal ones are 20 baht while those with bacon go for 30 baht.

BBQ mushrooms at Hua Hin night market

Cooking BBQ mushrooms

Also did some shopping here. Clothing prices start at 250 baht and it's up to you to nego. You can probably get it at half price if you're good at bargaining and buy a few pieces. I got most for an average of 180 baht but I didn't really push it.

Shopping at Hua Hin night market

Found amazing stuff in Family Mart lmao BACON! So juicy and fragrant for just 29 baht a packet~ More M-150 10 baht, some kinda berry collagen drink (tastes good, not fishy, about 20-30 baht) and whatever we could grab without using a basket lolol

Buying food from Family Mart Thailand

Went for a midnight ride on our bike (you should totally rent one), sightseeing around the 'red light district', where tonnes and tonnes of *ahem* girls stand/sit by the roadside pubs giving men seductive glares. Also stopped by this massage parlour for some foot reflexology. The average rate is 250 baht for 1 hour.

Peaceful night life in Hua Hin

Next day, we booked a boat out for a small fishing trip (2500 baht/pax). A van drove us about an hour here from Hua Hin.

Boats in Hua Hin

It was quite a big boat complete with a washroom, bar, fridge, microwave and beach chairs.

Fishing boat for rent in Hua Hin

Interior of the fishing boat

Relaxing on the fishing boat

Afternoon nap on top of the fishing boat

Actually quite sunny when we took this pic la LOL I applied so much sunblock, I went for a facial (700 baht/1 hour) the moment I got back to Hua Hin city. It was a simple one with cleansing, scrub, massage with cream, cold mask, mini foot, neck, shoulder and head massage. It's a very open area (they just plop you on a chair), it's clean and so relaxing, I fell asleep. On a chair. With my mouth wide open. Hope nothing went inside. =/ Anyway, the place is opposite Hilton, across the road from a clothing shop.

Sight seeing on the fishing boat in Hua Hin

Drinks at the bar~ Water is free but the others can be pricey.. Lunch was included and it was actually pretty delicious!

Drinks on a boat in Hua Hin

Houses by the riverside

Rows of boats along the river

Fishing boat returning

We didn't really go out very far, which was mildly disappointing. Water was a shallow 10 metres and we didn't have much luck with fishes. Because of my small-fish-fate, I got the smallest fish again =_=" Barely even 20 cm long! The biggest fish we caught was about 1.5 feet. They use frozen prawns as bait here.

Fishing on a boat in Hua Hin

Fishing in Hua Hin

No fish = camwhore time

Hua Hin fishing trip


Family fishing in Hua Hin

Catch of the day

Beach please. This is what beaches should look like, clean with white sand so soft, you can barely walk on it. Beaches don't look this nice back in Msia =_=" Then this man on a horse galloped towards us like some kinda knight in shining armor and suddenly the horse go and shit on the sand wtf!

Well, actually.. What I didn't show you was the rest of the beach on the right side, which is HIGHLY commercialized like shit. There is no space to even walk as it's all filled with beach chairs and if you dare walk near, 5 chair-renters will approach you and ask you to sit down on their chair. We refused politely and they mumbled something in Thai, possibly cursing us to step on horse poop.

Hua Hin beach

If you're in the area, you have to try this shop! It's a corner shoplot on Naebkehardt Road cross road. The other 3 corner shops are Time Out, Mata Pita and Chareon Optical. It has a rather old fashioned interior but the shop is packed full!

Popular restaurant in Hua Hin

I think this is the restaurant name la..

Famous Hua Hin restaurant

Eating in Hua Hin

Tom Yum Kung 120 baht so good! Prawns are huge as well and there are plenty. Not too spicy, with the perfect balance of sourness and flavour. Prawns are mighty fresh, crispy and meaty.

Tom Yum Kung in Hua Hin

Crab omelette 50 baht only which is worth it for the amount of crab they use.

Crab omelette in Hua Hin

Fried soft shell crab with curry powder 170 baht. Okay, I gotta admit it was kinda strange eating this with curry powder but once you get past the curry, you bite into sweet juicy crab flesh.

Fried soft shell crab with curry powder in Hua Hin

We also had one more dish, fried shrimp with asparagus 80 baht but we digged in before I could take a photo. Also had coconut water and watermelon juice for 20 baht each.

The next day we left for Bangkok again. The van leaves every half an hour or when it's full. It operates from 6am-9pm. I was a lil reluctant to leave as I liked the environment and how relaxing it was but le Bf reminded me that Platinum Mall is not in Hua Hin xD


  1. tom yammmmm :D and I saw you're wearing the baju that you bought :p hahaha pack light, and wear the clothes you bought for the next few days :p same as what I did as well

  2. Abit panic cos earlier I never buy any clothes so we were thinking what to wear HAHA

  3. WHOA! so many things in a post! :P i attracted with the foods more!! miss the tom yam at Bangkok liao. T3T

  4. I had tom yum as my first meal there and it was so spicy x.x I'm not meant for spicy food hahaha

  5. woww the scenery very niceee! got chance must go there ad! sumore can try fishing! =D

  6. nor hidayah mohd nor18 April, 2014 17:39

    the lobster! oh my god! Great photos! especialy the foods. Hahaha

  7. Well, Malaysians love food after all xD


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