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Guide to Bangkok, Thailand


If you're following me on Instagram (@TheIsabelLee), you might have seen these photos already. I was in Thailand! It was my first time going out of the country as well as being on an airplane. Nervous like shit but surprised it's not as scary as I imagined x_X

Our AirAsia flight stopped at Don Meaung airport, where we took a bus (right outside the airport) to Mo Chit BTS (kena con by the lady who took more money for 'fare' from tourists), which happens to be REALLY near Chatuchak Weekend Market (walking distance) so we went shopping a bit first. It was still rather early (9 am) and many of the stalls were not ready yet. This was my haul within 2 hours.

Shorts, skirts & skorts 150 baht each. They are available in SO MANY colours I went a lil crazy.

Shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market Thailand

These 200 baht (RM 20) lace dresses are of pretty good quality and you can find the same ones for the same price at Platinum Mall.

Lace dresses from Chatuchak Weekend Market

Also got myself a packet of Mango Sticky Rice 50 baht because everyone was raving about it. Meh.. Nice but it's just santan rice with mangoes. Mangoes go for 20 baht.

Thailand mango sticky rice

My whole stay in Bangkok can be pretty much summarized to : food, shopping, massage and.. TRAFFIC JAM!

Traffic jam in Bangkok

Getting around is not a problem at all even if you don't have a car as there are super many taxis, tuk-tuks, mini bus-tuktuk hybrids, motor-taxis and buses.

Mini bus tuk tuk in Bangkok Thailand

In order to avoid the jam, we stayed near a BTS (LRT / sky train) station which is pretty convenient. It's also much easier to tell your taxi driver which BTS station you stay nearby instead of addresses.

BTS sky train in Bangkok Thailand

Buying a BTS ticket is really easy. Just look at the map, look for your location and the fare needed. Press the number on the ticket machine and insert coins. Price ranges from 15-52 baht. They have a 1 day pass for 130 baht but it won't be worth it unless you really travel on BTS a lot.

BTS Bangkok Thailand routes

Walked around on foot whenever we're not on the BTS or in a taxi. Within the first day.. I got pickpocketed =_=" I was wearing a pouch and left some Strepsils and a packet of tissues on the outer rubber-netting pouch and they disappeared. Impossible that they dropped out as the rubber held them in. It was made of netting so the contents are visible. My sister commented "Thailand must be short on tissue" LOL

Rough conversion (and for easy counting), 10 baht = RM 1. Arrange all your notes so the numbers are all on one corner so you can spot the value immediately.

Thailand baht money

We were famished so we bought sausages from a roadside stall. OMG SO SALTY! We encountered the same thing with 2 other sausage stalls elsewhere so.. Don't buy sausages in Bangkok!

Buying sausages on the roadside in Bangkok Thailand

Hailed a cab to Minburi because le Bf wanted to custom make his snooker cue from the O'Min factory. The 1-2 hour journey (depending on traffic) costs only RM 20! Taxis are much cheaper there compared to Malaysia. Walked through a wet market and bought some food.

Wet market in Minburi Thailand

In the middle of the city, you'll find a river =/

River in Minburi

Wooden houses along river in Minburi

I was bugging le Bf about trying out Mango Sticky Rice for a whole week before our trip. So he challenged my packet with this which he called 'authentic Thai mango rice', from the Minburi market. Sorry but.. this tasted gross! It was kinda smelly and I just couldn't eat more than 1 bite.

Thai mango rice

Proceeded to eat some more with our 'haul' from 7 eleven & Family Mart LOL They're across each other on the main road at Thong Lor BTS. Quick Serve Takoyaki that the cashier will just reheat for you. 29 baht only for 5 and they have tako chunks inside. Yum!

Takoyaki from Family Mart

The 'M-150' which I thought was called Miso is SO GOOD! It became my 'water' for 6 days. Priced at only 10 baht a bottle, I had about 3-6 bottles a day =x

Oishi tea from Family Mart

Roselle juice and cherry flavoured yogurt 19baht. There are real cherry chunks inside and the taste is really strong. 

Roselle juice and cherry yogurt from Thailand 7 eleven

Kena con by le Bf who convinced me that this egg in 7 11 is 'melty egg' but it was actually just normal hard boiled egg!
1) He cannot read Thai
2) Melty eggs belong in Taiwanese & Japanese food

So why did I still buy it!??! Zzzz... But anyway, the soy sauce it came with was quite good LOL 

Hard boiled eggs from 7 eleven in Thailand

2nd serving of the yummy squid from Thong Lor Night Market.

BBQ squid from Thong Lor night market

Along the main road at Thong Lor, there are several massage parlours. I don't have the name of this one but here's a photo of the interior lol! Average price is 250 bath an hour and 35-45 bath for 2 hours. This shop is not bad and their traditional Thai massage is good! Really relaxing, we fell asleep halfway.

Cheap massage parlours in Bangkok

Random woman offering sewing services on the streets lol

Woman sewing clothes in Bangkok

People in Thailand are generally really friendly and helpful. The streets are clean and you are not allowed to smoke at most places.

Summary : Avoid sausages anywhere, food in Thong Lo night market is good, explore Chatuchak for cheap clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and souvenirs.

We're off to Hua Hin in the next post! ;)


  1. w00ts! Nice post, and great for those who wanna go to Bangkok for holiday. :D I've never been to Bangkok before, i think i need to go one of these days before our currency drops even lower LOLOLOL

  2. You look like you had a great time! I have a week coming up with my boyfriend to do anything we want but unfortunately we arent going to be travelling! I'd kill for a plate of those organs!

  3. LOL 'organs' I love them but it sounds weird when you call them that xD

  4. But sausages in 7-11 is awesome! Padi Madi is not bad right (except for the free mangosteen!)

  5. Hey wanna ask from Don Mueng airport cannot take any express link or train to BTS?

  6. If I'm not mistaken lar.. The express link is for the OTHER airport (Suvarnabumi) oni =/ I only saw busses and taxis at DM but I didn't spend a lot of time exploring the airport either lol

  7. Yeah, quite alright lor! Price is reasonable as well. So glad I asked around first haha

  8. The express link is for the other airport, Suvarnabhumi. At DM, there are buses, taxis and a train but the train goes to the MRT


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