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My Beauty Diary Arbutin Whitening Mask

After my streak of TT Masks, I'm back to MBD cos I saw a variant I have not tried yet.

"Whitening Supreme"

Cute lacey design!

Not sure what's with the chemistry pic haha.. The lace would have been just fine..

Better fit, my ass! Maybe I'm too used to TT Masks.. Has a nice light floral scent. Like the other updated sheets, it is more hydrating than the thicker ones and adheres better. Despite their claims, I did not notice any whitening nor brightening effects =/

I am not impressed with this variant. You should probably try the Black Pearl instead for brightening/whitening.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who think the Black Pearl mask is the best in terms of brightening! Seems like I'm not mistaken.. ;D


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