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Sothys Essential Cleansing Solution

Did you know, there is a huge Sothys Garden that is filled with mini gardens, each with a different theme like Japanese, rose etc?

Inside you will find a restaurant to have a meal while enjoying the scenery.

Naw, obviously that was not the Sothys Garden but Ben's instead. However, the Garden does exist in France and here are some of the photos! The garden was created by Bernard Mas, the owner of Sothys (although his sons have taken over now). He studies plants so you might find some interesting plants there.

So why Sothys?
Sothys is a name the Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky that was so beautiful, Saturn fell for her (imagine they are all people la). Venus was jealous and took revenge. Poor Sothys disappeared until one day... she emerged again to share her beauty secrets. And ta-da! You have the Sothys you see now.

Nice story aside, Sothys was actually founded by Dr Hotz (over 60 years ago) based on the philosophy of Cure & Treatment because they were originally for burn victims! Dr Hots is also the inventor of ampoules *gasp*

The Sothys Institute is located in Paris on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré! The mother of all shopping streets xD

In 1993, Sothys arrived in Malaysia, which is one of the only 2 subsidiaries in Asia. Apart from their Flagship Salons, they are aiming to convert all outlets to Premium Salons where every outlet looks the same and are trained with the absolute same technique so you don't have to worry about which outlet to go to. Btw, there are 2 outlets for MEN in Empire Shopping Gallery and Bangsar Village 2 since the others are strictly for women.

Sothys aims to provide their best to customers through 5 points:
1) Much research is put into creating the best products that are not only effective but safe. They are also meant to provide pleasure and please the senses so you might find the products to have really nice scents and textures. And they're from France, not China..

2) Salon Ambiance - I cannot even tell you how important this is! It is meant to be a place of escape, relaxation and comfort so the design is different from the store front and smells lovely.

3) Skincare Solution Specialist - Not just any aunty that barely speak English, alright? They are all fully trained and each customer is fully diagnosed & treated by one SSS so she knows all about your skin. Each SSS is only allowed a maximum of 4 customers a day to ensure quality and to take care of the staffs' well being.

4) Sothys SkinScope - this machine checks everything about your skin and tells you your skin problems AND how old your skin is =x This way, the SSS will be able to design a regime specially for you to suit your needs.

5) Digi-Esthetique Massage
Mr Mas believes in using products with treatments hence the emergence of Digi-Esthétique which is a special Sothys technique used to maximize effectiveness of treatments. Nothing really compares to a manual massage using ones hands, which they call the 'Art of Touch'. It uses Eastern+Western acupuncture and massage techniques like pinching of skin to detox etc.

Ended our lovely session at Sothys with some goodies. This marks my first Sothys products. I've already tried them and I'm pretty impressed; true to what they claimed! Will be providing a full review soon.

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