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The Brown Ones Taste Better

When you get a bag of M&M's, which ones do you eat first? I try to finish the coloured ones then save the best (Browns) for last. There was even this period of time when I would buy bags and bags then quickly eat all the colourful ones so I save up my Browns in a tub to slowly enjoy.

There's just something about the Brown colour that is so warm and comforting. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things but I think the Brown M&M's actually taste better =/

Brown also reminds me of Mori Girl fashion which uses a lot of earthy tones along with lace. Photos shot by Emma. She kinda captured the essence of Mori Girl fashion in her beautiful photos, plus the model's expression too. They're so down-to-earth yet elegant, speaking for the colour Brown.

Never been to a cabin before (except the fake one in Genting) but I love the Brown interior! Wooden interior is so cosy and brown is such a timeless colour..

Samsung has surprised me with their new colour for Note II which is Amber Brown! I never expected a brown phone to look this good. Kinda like a combination of everything above. Plus it reminds me of a bar of chocolate.

Like the rest of the colours, it has those beautiful streaks. It's not just a flat Brown and gives me the feel of real wood!

You can see more photos of the phone on the Samsung website or feel the real thing at Samsung outlets!

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