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I Chat, You Chat, WeChat!

On Tuesday, I attended the WeChat launch and met tonnes of people I haven't seen in such a long time! I guess it's just right to say that WeChat brings us together xD After all, it's FREE to send messages, videos, pictures and even voice messages. There's also video call and Moments where you post your updates. Especially useful for bananas like me who can't type in Chinese - I can simply record my voice and send it over.

Pic credits to Jaz Khai.

From WeChat Photobooth! So so awesome! Printed one for each of us, like a purikura machine.

From Senri.

Jessica & BF

I'm so sad I didn't get that plushie.. =(

The Photobooth!

Host Rudy~~ Funny guy la 

Mr Poshu Yeung, Vice President of International Business Group of Tencent Holidays Limited

TVC with We Chat Ambassadors, Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Samat!

You can watch it here!

Vivian Chua with her lovely sweet voice, singing A Thousand Years.

Handsome Henley Hii swept the girls off their feet!

Next up was a powerful performance by Awi Rafael. At this point, the crowd was enjoying themselves already. Felt more like a concert xD

Crowd moving to DJ SykoGroove's beats.

There were also mini games and lucky draws! Unfortunately, I did not win anything cos I was too chicken to go up =x

Can you see the Group Chat on the screen? Can you imagine a whole hall of people in one chatroom? xD Simply scan the QR code in your WeChat to join a chat!

Bored? Find more pals to chat with using WeChat functions like Shake (worldwide), Look Around (nearby) and Drift Bottle (send out a message in a bottle and wait for someone to pick it up)!

Stay connected! Download WeChat on your iPhone, Android, Windows, Symbian or Blackberry.

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