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If I Could Change One Thing

I'm definitely one of those girls who aren't fully satisfied with their body. In the old times if you're ugly then too bad! You can be Cinderella's stepsister. But now with plastic surgery and all that, people are given the opportunity to change the way they look.

I wish to have a smaller nose..

Smaller face

Bigger iris (contacts are temporary but there isn't a solution to this now)

Bigger boobs (although I could live with this.. not really keen on boobjob)

Smaller feet, smoother skin, silkier hair blablabla.. The list goes on.

If you were given the choice to change only ONE (1) thing about yourself.. What would it be?

Now you're probably thinking which feature would matter the most. Body or face? Eyes or lips?

I gave it some thought and have come to the conclusion that if I could only change one thing, I would change my definition of beauty. I think it would be lovely to see beauty in everything. I wake up, glance in the mirror and think 'oh god I'm so beautiful'. I go for lunch with my friends and I'm happy cos they are all also so beautiful. I walk down the street and I'm bombarded with beautiful people; the gardener, the delivery guy, the bus driver and even the mak cik who sells nasi lemak. No problem finding a husband either cos they are all so dam gorgeous!

Now.. Where can I find someone to hypnotize me?


  1. My nose! I've always hated it, but then again it does make me me so I'd probably fail and end up getting lipo.

  2. one thing i would like to change: my thought :)

    I hope to change my perception to myself, thinking that I'm actually prettier than I've thought.

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  3. Ducky_Kristin16 June, 2012 00:12

    Longer lashes T_T

    i used to wish i have smaller boobs...then i felt like my boobs kinda skrink i feel ....darn!! haha be careful with what we wish

  4. I agree with you completely...Changing what beauty means to the individual is the key to happiness. I'm not satisfied with my body--there are a ton of things I would change...but I feel sad about it because I really should start accepting the way I am!

  5. My skin. I've always wanted flawless freckle free skin that had a bit of colour. Not my pale polka dot covering.

  6. May I recommend you a great way to hypnotize you? Sleep early tonight. LOLX!

    Well, it's a good things if one of these days, all of us wake up, seeing beauty in everyone and everything instead of going around, criticizing like, "She's fat, he's ugly!" and stuffs like that.

  7. Actually, I think your nose looks just fine! =) I've always wanted a smaller nose but I think having a smaller nose would make my face seem bigger (relatively compared to my nose) so I guess my big nose is in a way a good thing lolz

  8. Yeah wish girls everywhere would see how pretty they are and I don't mean those who are fishing for compliments like 'oh I'm so fat...'

  9. Absolutely possible with falsies or extensions! xP

    Yeah when I first got them (in primary school) I was like nooo can you please be smaller then they were like okay! So now I'm stuck with small boobs okay.jpeg Technically I asked for it! @_@

  10. I don't think this is something that can be forced =( But IMO once you start mixing with less negative people who only know how to criticize others, you will see the better side of others and yourself. However, once you see the better side of other people, you get jealous and it's back to negative thoughts =/ Oh the woes of being a female

  11. I'm surprised you're pale with all the good food you're having! =p

  12. But I need someone to hypnotize me to sleep early in order to hypnotize myself xD

    Yes yes! But it's quite unlikely to happen.. Maybe I need to spend 10 years at a monastery first

  13. Ducky_Kristin18 June, 2012 16:48

    i mean like natural is always the best, extensions aren't cheap them self and the hassle in to removing false lashes makes me sad...but well if your lazy that what you get hahaha xD

  14. I really liked that you thought about it and came up with wishing to change your perception of beauty. It is indeed saddening that so many girls are under the influence that you must have certain features to look beautiful. I am victim to it too. I wouldn't be able to only wish for one thing. Even knowing that you aren't unnattractive and maybe even pretty still do not help at times. Insecurities overflow and there are times where I hate the wayI look too :(

  15. You are gorgeous =) Especially your eyes zomg

  16. I will not change anything to look prettier
    instead,will change my BRAIN..becoz it can change mylife i believe!! i wish i could be smarter..get into a better university, have a better job!!


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