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BAC Education Fair

To tell you to truth, this is the first time I've attended an education fair because I've always thought they would be boring. But this isn't your regular edu fair!

Carnivaaall! The place was full of games for attendees to play.

Did all those hours of Angry Birds on your iPad pay off?

There was even a Bungee Run (the kind you see in game shows!) and a bull ride @_@ You can watch the funny videos of people attempting to defeat the games on BAC Facebook page xD

Source : BAC FB Page

The awesome people at Fly FM and RedBull dropped by to heat things up as well.

Right.. On to the serious stuff.

Quite a crowd turned up! 

Counselors from various educational institutions were present to advise students on their paths and what to expect.

Even saw some parents there asking on behalf of their children. Perhaps they were having too much fun outside? xD

Those who have not settled on their path yet attended the talks held by experts on numerous topics and also to introduce the universities. It was a great insight, especially for those which are overseas.

Of course, the fun stuff didn't end with the carnival. 

You can check out the hashtags #LHAChallenge and #LearningHub to see what else happened there if you missed it.

I hope everyone had a great time and discovered 'their calling'! xD

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