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Best Buy World - Cheaper & Easier Shopping

One of the reasons why I rarely go near beauty counters is because they're constantly judging you! If you're wearing makeup and branded clothes, they're all smiles but if you're not... You're just a poor person there to suck freebies. Not worth their time. Harsh truth! I have personally experienced this.

Then out popped websites like Best Buy World. It's like a whole floor of beauty counters all ONLINE! Best part? Sales and promotions are on everyday. You can also find BBW in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia. They're a big company and guarantee that all products are 100% original. If you're not happy with your purchase, they have a 7-days return and exchange policy.

There is definitely no denying that I love online shopping (and sales!). The convenience of browsing through so many brands, wearing my home clothes, probably eating something and no annoying sales assistant following me around! Also, which mall is open 24/7 for you to shop? Plus I get to Google for reviews instantly so I don't make bad purchases. You can also read the reviews there.

Sooo many brands available, from Kanebo to Estee Lauder. Even Aesop, Guerlain and Kose Softymo!

Due to the large amount of items, they've categorized everything for you. Apart from types, you can choose the size too from normal size to sample size!

Many products are 50% cheaper than retail price or even cheaper! The following are some of them (pictures linked). SK2, Anna Sui, Clinique, Estee Lauder...

Some items that caught my eye included the Estee Lauder ANR and Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil.

If those discounts are not enough, check out these Happy Hour Promotions!

Be rewarded with Best Buy Points when you purchase at BBW or write reviews! You also get extra points when it's your birthday~

Plus shipping is FREE above RM 100! There's also Ta-Q-Bin or COD service if you feel safer that way.

Even though I browse mainly through the skincare and cosmetics, they also carry things like kids' toys, bags, clothes, fragrances and more.

I'll be showing you what I got from BBW soon! ^_^

More details can be found from their Shopping Guide and FAQ section.

Website address:
Facebook page: Best Buy World Malaysia
Customer service: (03) 2164 3557 (Mon to Friday 9am to 6pm)
Fax no: (03) 2163 3390

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