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[Movie] Ip Man 3 : The Final Fight

Let me just tell you that this movie is actually quite motivational. Why do I say that? Well, after walking out of the cinema hall towards the shopping mall, we suddenly realized that it was late and the guards had already locked the doors (the heavy wooden kind). Some guy decided to show his 'Wing Chun moves' by giving the door some flying kicks (literally) and managed to break the lock! It was hilarious.. Especially after the movie we just watched xD

Alright back to the movie. The previous two were packed full of action with Donnie Yen. The new cast here are equally as awesome! Although there are less fighting scenes, they're really good and look so real. This part goes into Ip Man's personal life talking about his family and health, the poor economy in old Hong Kong and the darkness behind Chinese triads. As usual, Ip Man is inspirational with his ways and character. The show is also so hilarious, it set all of us into series of laughter.

A good watch, worth watching in the cinema too for all the sound effects =)

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