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Cyber Colors Defined Liquid Eyeliner

This is my sister's HG eyeliner. When she asked if I wanted to try it, I grabbed the opportunity to see what's so great about it.

First of all, the plastic is such a PITA to remove! Happens every time.. Took me 5 minutes to peel it off =_="

It has the fattest tip I have ever seen! And it's felt, not brush. Imagine a hard sponge..

Although the colour is 01 Black, it's more of a grey to me.. It doesn't create very thin lines but I like my eyeliner thick anyway.

Honestly, the felt tip was too hard and harsh for my liking. However, it's a great practise pen for beginners since hard tips are easier to control.

Hard tip contributed to a clean line that's not wobbly.

Overall, it's not bad...

That was until I removed it. One drop of water and the eyeliner smudged like mad! Also, it left a slight stain on my lid =(

If you don't mind staying away from rain and the grey colour, it's actually a really affordable eyeliner! Retails for RM 23.90 only and according to my sister, it lasts forever.

Size : 0.85 g / 0.03 oz
Price : RM 23.90
Bought from : Sasa
Made in Germany


  1. Yeah I agree, it looks grey to me too. Also, staining? Did you use a remover and it still did that? Not good.

  2. Yup.. Used my usual bilayer eye makeup remover which usually removes everything!

  3. Ugh so annoying >: Thanks for taking one for the team, now we know!


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