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Get Curvy

I've always had this thing for clinchers ever since I discovered them. I think it's a godsend, especially for people who don't really have curves!

When wearing one with a loose dress, it adds volume above the clincher while constricting the waist, exaggerating your curves. Clinchers also work well to conceal the awkward joint between your top and skirt. Lastly, they make great accessories when your outfit looks boring!

I'm not actually wearing a clincher here cos I've grown (or rather shrunk) too small for them. It's a piece of stretchy fabric I removed from a dress xD


  1. I'm really one for clinchers/belts (except to keep my shorts in place LOLOLOL) but after seeing your pics, I think I might have to try them again. Your dress looks nice! :D

  2. I love belts for this reason, gives shape!!

  3. Actually the dress looks like a nightie cos it's so big but the clincher changes it all! hahaha


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