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Cyber Colors Gemstone Blush Wear (01 Orange Coral)

Reviewing my sister's new blusher from Cyber Colors. FYI, you can get Cyber Colors at SaSa.

It comes in a sleek black compact. The design is simple but pretty.

Product says : A blush that leads to high class lustrous skin by sculpting your facial structure with valuable Gemstone Powder. Soft and airy long-wear texture ensures easy application and drapes the face in radiance. Sounds exaggerated but when my sister came home wearing this, I actually thought her face was absolutely glowing!

Before you even put it on, you have to figure out how to open the compact. It's quite tricky, I tell you!

The protective sheet is always stuck on the mirror when I open it! Kinda annoying. Also OCD me finds it strange that the wavy lines on the sheet don't match the blusher lines =x

Check out the lovely colours! Powder is slightly loose so don't be too hard on it.

The blusher is very smooth and pigmented. A & B are matte while C & D are shimmery. You may use them separately or combine them according to your preference. C & D may also be used to highlight your face.

The provided brush is soft and dense. It's the perfect size to pick up all 4 colours with one sweep.

It's also the perfect size for the cheek! Make sure the darker colour is below while the highlighter shade is above.

The colour Orange Coral compliments Asian skintone very well! My sister loves the fact that she can shade her face with this blusher.

Size : 3.9 g / 0.138 oz
Price : RM 69.90
Bought from : Sasa
Made in Japan


  1. You cut your hair!! It's cute :D
    And these are very light and wearable colors ^^

  2. Pretty although too light for my taste!


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