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Kedai Makanan Seremban

Actually this was the same time as my Melaka trip but I was greedy and wanted to squeeze 2 blog posts out of it xP There is a whole row of restaurants but this one is directly across a Hotel Rafayeh or something.

Illegal parking available along the road =x I dined under the tree ^_^ And no, didn't get any leaves on my plate.

At 6pm, the place is already filling up.

Vege. Found a thick strand of hair in this. Was offered to change a new plate but it's okay. One hair won't kill us.

Kung pao mantis prawn. Lots of meat and so so crunchy.. According to vkeong, it's only RM10!~ Recommended dish.

Sizzling hot plate Japan tofu with minced pork topping. It's served with a raw egg so you have to 'cook' it a la Pepper Lunch style. This is extremely salty x_X Like REALLY salty..

The whole purpose of coming here : fu yong siu hai which translates to Seremban BBQ Crab although I doubt the crab was BBQed. Apparently majority of the diners ordered this. Lots of fresh sweet flesh especially in the claw. The black stuff on the shell is a salty sauce which le bf says is Marmite? Crab was alright...

The sauce is their specialty but I was not fond of it. It was spicy and had a mixture of stuff (no idea what lol).

Bill came up to RM 93 for the 4 of us.

Kedai Makanan Seremban
No 3720-3724, Jalan Tuanku Munawir,
70000 Seremban, N.S.
Tel : 06-7641 260


  1. Wow! All the food looks so yum!

  2. Aw man--- that Japan tofu with minced pork topping had me drooling (and I
    don't even like pork, really). Until you mentioned that it's super
    salty. Blech. Still: everything looks so gorgeous!

    Also, the veggies look awesome, too! ((And hey! It's interesting to find
    someone else who does not go insane when they find a hair in their
    food. Some people go insane when that happens. -_-'' ))

    That signature BBQ crab dish looks tasty, too. (Even though it apparently fell rather flat..:/)

  3. Wah, i've heard a lot about this famous crab but never tasted it before despite living just nearby for 5 years! LOL #foodiefail The crabs really do look delicious though, and the sauce looks quite unique as well.

  4. LOL I can say the same! So many places in SS2 that I have not tried.

  5. Haha well, if it won't kill me and I can remove it, don't really care. Unless I find like 10 strands then EWW

  6. Wow the food looks so delicious~~ Haha making me super hungry now +_+ Drools~~

    I must visit Melaka some day really.. I have been watching food shows introducing Melaka so much recently =)

  7. Honestly, for food, I still miss Penang! Don't go around blindly like me. Research! lol


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