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* This is not an advertorial/sponsored post
Actually I think I'm fated for this website. I've been writing reviews for OpenRice to redeem Jusco vouchers so I can buy skincare from there. However, the dateline for review submissions was extended and I ended up aiming for something else or decided to redeem later. Suddenly, I stumbled upon this website and saw that the skincare that I wanted was available and it was on sale! At 38% off!!

After contemplating it for an hour, I finally decided to buy it and found out that I bought the last piece (actually they will restock lah). Could I be in better luck? ^_^ Okay, maybe next time it'll be free eh? Hehehe.. is a group discount website selling skincare like Estee Lauder, SK II, Naruko, Laneige etc. They also have makeup, body care and perfume. Why buy from Hermo?
  • Authentic stock (I can't vouch for this but better than random FB shop I guess)
  • RM 2 shipping fee (very reasonable!)
  • Free postage with purchase of 2 products (ok even better)
  • Discounts! (I saw above 56%!)
  • 14 days refundable policy (even if product is opened/used - awesome)
Don't be sad if you missed the deal. You can still buy them in HerMall. Some of them also have a discount or free postage so I'm not sure why the deal is special. Higher discount?

Then there's a special HerMask Zone where you can customize your own mask set. No forcing you to buy 10 pcs of the same kind in one box! Just hope they had more variety..

Received my Laneige Multiberry Yogurt Peeling Gel safely even though there were problems with Kangaroo post earlier. I doubted its authenticity due to the packaging but Hermo admin kindly explained the matter to me. I've tried the product and it seems legit ^_^


  1. OMG!
    did i read that right on the description?!
    promotes turnovers of horny layers
    i won't use this product then, or else my sex life is doomed!

  2. LOL! Actually I see that term quite often, especially when Chinese sellers translate the description.

  3. Looks interesting, although the description is kinda suspicious LOL The layout reminds me of those online deal sites
    Do they have makeup too? :D

  4. Wow, this is some cheap deal! I love it. Thank you for sharing it on your blog! -Your new follower.

  5. hahaha!
    i think i'd rather go for the scientific term of it rather than the common one specially if it is something that could be misunderstood like it... or maybe i'm the only one who didn't even know it.

    but i have heard a lot about that product though.
    do let us know what you think about it

  6. Yeah it looks like them! But only for beauty stuff ^_^ Yup I saw BB creams and eyeliners


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