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Leaders InSolution Teatree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask

After trying the Aloe version, I happily opened this. Since I have so many types, I chose Teatree cos I'm having outbreak now. Still love the colourful attractive packaging.

For serious skin trouble

Product says :

This time I used the extra essence in the packet on top of the mask. It stayed moist for a longer time =) Mask smells minty + teatree, reminds me of Wood's Cough Syrup! Fits great, especially love eye holes that cover my undereyes as well.

Didn't expect any instant visible effects but skin was hydrated and slightly brightened.

Size : 25 ml
Made in Korea

** I won the product in a giveaway. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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  1. I like tea tree products. Ah I should have got a few masks from Korea. >< Totally forgot.

    Lovely review. ^^


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