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Ribbon from Reebonz

So my order from Reebonz arrived!

Got myself a Candore Crystal Bow Pendant Necklace.

Add a touch of femininity with this dainty number from Candore.
Rhodium plated alloy necklace featuring a bow-shaped pendant with inlaid Octant from Swarovski crystals. With lobster clasp jewellery closure.
Material: Rhodium, Alloy, Crystals

The price was discounted from RM179 to RM 138.

Order submitted on 10th of August, at night. 
Received e-mail from FedEx on 15th August and it arrived the next day. 

Love how they packaged it! Reminds me of Christmas presents.

Sorry photo's blur.. Wanted to show you just how tiny and cute it is! I was hoping for it to be small because a big ribbon seemed pretty 'lala' to me.

So cute and suitable for me! ^_^ You can win yourself jewelery from Reebonz as well! Just sign up (with my referral link lol) and no purchase needed.


  1. That's a really cute necklace! :D

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  3. Everything at reebonz are freakishly expensive! How do you afford?

  4. Work hard and save! xD Since I'm not working yet, only the accessories are in my reach. But if you're a fan of branded goods, the discount is great

  5. Very cute! :)


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