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Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

Always open to try new contact lenses ^_^ These were kindly sponsored by Maple Lens. Thank you! The falsies is a freebie.

Secure packaging : Lenses are placed in a pretty box, sealed plastic bag and then bubble wrap! Don't have to worry about your glass vial shattering during delivery (you know how they handle our packages =_=). It reached really fast since MapleLens is located here in Malaysia. Service is spectacular too =)

Check out the cute animal case! I think it's a purple fish lol Even my sis said it's adorable.

My power is quite high at -6.00 so I had to choose plano since their lenses go up to -5.00 only =(

Contacts come with GEO Authenticity Check stickers so worry not.

I got Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown because I think Tsubasa is so dam chio!! \(*o*)/ I saw all these other bloggers reviewing them and I was so jealous.

Glad the colour is so opaque. Colours sometimes don't show well on my dark eyes =(

Enlargement is great even though it's just 14.8 mm. Surprisingly, I could wear these without makeup. The colour and design is so natural, it doesn't look weird at all.

Love this pic cos I think I look effortlessly pretty here LOL

Omg.. Really wish these came with my power now. Such pretty lenses..

Comfort level was surprisingly good. No eye irritation or dryness after a few hours. Water content is 38% but it was somehow good enough for me.

Lmao my nose looks strange here. Was trying out nose contouring and failed terribly. I need to find a better brown to work with. Mine are either too orange or dark.

And some stupid photos. Because I can. Btw, that middle pic is 'pushing my specs up' pose but somehow it looks like I'm showing my middle finger!

And what else? Discount for my readers!

Get 15% off + mystery gift when you use the code 'sugarcoatedmuffin'

April 2012 promo : Buy 2 Get 1 Free + VIP Membership Program.

VIP members get free contact lenses for their birthday!

Free Shipping promo now

Price : $ 20.90/1 year
Link to product : HERE

** Product was provided by for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I have always loved these :) the burst of brown in the center is pretty. And you look good in them!

  2. this is my favorite brown lens ever, but too bad mine is already expired, lol . you look pretty with it! :D

  3. Nice lens! I bought this one too but haven't tried it. It sure looks pretty lovely on you ^_^~

  4. I don't know how you do those contact lenses.  You're a brave gal.

  5. Thanks for the reviews Isabel. We are running a limited time offer "free shipping" and free circle lens giveaway

    Hopes you win the giveaway ;)


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