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Blog Pet Peeves

I enjoy reading blogs but it's quite hard to find blogs I really like and look forward to reading. On average, out of maybe 50 blogs I read in one day, I will only follow 5. I guess I'm just really picky =/

1) Blogs with music
I normally open many many blogs at the same time so I can read one while the rest load. 1 minute into opening, suddenly I hear music. Where is the music coming from?! Believe me, it's not fun having to scroll through all of them looking for your tiny music player. Even if I like the music, it gets annoying when I have more than one of your posts open and the music clashes. Either don't put music on your blog, make the player really obvious (at the top/glued to the side/bottom of screen) or don't make it auto-play.

2) Bad photos
Okay I understand that not everyone has a good camera to take photos with. But I would really prefer better swatches than these (This is just an example. I edited the photos). Or you should not post swatches. I'm not sure if I should even trust your swatches or not. The most common is the yellow one (top left) where all the swatches look the same. I sometimes wonder if my monitor settings are wrong though? As I see people commenting "Oh I love the peach one!" and I'll be like whhaattt? They all look the same to me! @_@

3) Simply-post-something posts
[Insert photo of item which can be found anywhere on internet]
This is a very good product. I use it every night. 
[Copy & paste press release]
Buy this at ___ for RM 120 only.

Like seriously? No effort at all..

4) Suck-up-to-PR posts
Thank you Brand ABC for choosing me to review their products! I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this product! Favourite serum of all time! I can see all my wrinkles disappearing (after using for 1 week). Brand ABC is my favourite brand! Highly recommended! I will never change to another brand ever!

5) No right click allowed
Some things you can do by right clicking : open in new tab, copy e-mail addresses/links, reload image (when not loaded), copy & paste text to quote & others. I feel so annoyed when you don't let me right click to open a new page.

6) Neon coloured words on white background
fffuuuuu.jpeg I don't want to kill my eyes reading your blog please

I pity your eyes to have to read this text.
Because I find it stressful on my eyes.
But if you can read this, you have amazing eyes.
I hope your eyes don't have to do this elsewhere.
You should really stop reading now.
Why are you still reading?

7) Comments that require verification
Already ranted about it HERE.

Right.. Rant over! I bet you girls have things to say about my blog as well lolz Constructive comments are welcome! You can say I look ugly/fat as long as you are willing to sponsor me to change it cos there's no use complaining about something I can't change.

Or some might say if I don't like the blog, the solution is to just stop reading them. Already doing!


  1. My pet peeve is nail blogs tha tpost swatches with the claw hand pose...

  2. LOL I do the claw too sometimes but I do think it's weird. I try to hold the nail polish bottle and keep my thumb on the cap now

  3. I hate that verification button too, but how do you turn it off?

  4. i know what you're saying
    i agree with everything!

    Bad photos is a major turn-off!
    I mean i also have a couple of bad photos especially on my pre-blogging days...
    but come on!
    you are blogging! 
    you should get a decent camera to capture the glorious-ness of whatever it is that you are blogging about.
    i always get headaches when i stare at blurry pics...

  5. I completely agree with all these! That being said... *slowly raises hand* I am guilty of number one LOL at least mine can be stopped and is at the bottom(?) haha

  6. Mine is definitely blogs with music. No matter how attractive the blog is, I'll close the page right away when I hear music. I have the same habit as you, opening many tabs in one go. Definitely annoying to hv to search which blog have the music and which part it is placed. Some musics are so loud it makes me jump out of my seat. Arrgghgh..

  7. My #1 pet peeve when reading blogs is definitely the MUSIC ones! >__<  I also get super irritated if they're those blogs that have music + glitter text LOL. I mean, it's acceptable if the blogger is like 14 or below, but when i see that the blogger is 17+... i get really cheesed off. O_O 
    #2 for me would be blogs with bad  grammar.... I'm a total grammar Nazi and can't stand it. x__x

    But then again, my blog probably has factors that make it annoying to other bloggers, haha.  I like your blog the way it is (OOOOH PINK! <3) so.... yeah. Nothing to change. :D

  8. I get what you mean >__<
    haha and you're so cheeky bout the neon colored fonts i highlighted it just to read what you posted lol

  9. Hahahaha! This is pretty interesting! I think I'm the same as you for number 1, 2, 6 and 7! x) And I followed you back on instagram! :D I'm going KL in like a week! ^_^

  10. Settings - Posts and comments (left sidebar)
    Under comments, there's an option for "Show word verification ?"

  11. Hahaha.. Glorious-ness of whatever. You always make me laugh =p
    I'm okay with some bad photos but if that's all your blog has to offer.. Then I get really turned off.

  12. ACTUALLY, I was referring to yours LOL I like how it's at the bottom and so visible. Sometimes I don't mind the music

  13. Yuuupp & it makes my poor old comp lag too =(

  14. LOL glitter text. I see them sometimes but I feel it's subjective. Maybe pink layouts look too bimbotic to some people xD

  15. Hah!! I knew at least one person wouldn't be able to resist not knowing what I wrote LOL

  16. Yeah I noticed lolz Have fun in KL! ^_^

  17. Compleeeeetely agree with you! Hahahaha! I don't think you're picky at all--these things are basic requirements for a blog to function properly! 

  18. Compleeeeetely agree with you! Hahahaha! I don't think you're picky at all--these things are basic requirements for a blog to function properly! 

  19. I personally hate blog with music! Especially when I read it in office !

  20. HAHA! I can imagine how awkward that would be..


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